Five reasons to visit Avalon, NSW

Five reasons to visit Avalon Clareville Beach

The folk here on Wallace like to get out and about on a weekend. Otherwise the little lads drive us crazy! We’ve been blessed to recently spend two weekends in Avalon. We’ve had a fabulous time exploring the town and I’ve decided it’s a hidden gem. Here are five reasons to visit Avalon with kids. Spend a night or two if you can.

Five reasons to visit avalon boats at clareville beach
Boats at Clareville Beach

1. Proximity to Sydney

If you are getting away for a weekend, or even taking a day trip to the beach, you don’t want to spend the whole day in the car. It depends on where you take off from, but it’s about an hours drive to Avalon. It’s a picturesque drive and once you’re there you’ll feel like you are a world away from Sydney. Which takes me to point two.

Clareville Beach five reasons to visit avalon
Exploring Clareville Beach

2. The Township

Avalon itself is a laid back surf town. The vibe of the whole place is super easy going. The locals are very friendly and welcoming. There’s plenty of people heading to or from the beach. Lots of flip flops and bare feet, towels, surf boards under arms, tousled beach hair, dogs on leads and bronze kids. We love the relaxed coastal atmosphere and it’s not at all touristy.

Five reasons to visit Avalon shopping
A lovely boutique in Avalon

3. The Beaches

Obviously the big drawcard to Avalon is the beach. The main surf beach is patrolled. There are plenty of waves so if you aren’t a confident swimmer, stay between the flags. There’s also a a great beach pool. But for us with little kids, and one in particular who has NO FEAR of the water, there are two fabulous alternates to the surf beach. I doubt we’d have discovered either of these beaches if it weren’t for kind locals sharing their secrets with us.

Clareville beach is a short drive from Avalon (off Delecta Avenue, look for the Clareville Kiosk sign). The beach is a beautiful setting, there’s plenty of impeccably clean sand for kids to build castles in, the water is calm and there are barbecues and tables that overlook the beach. Another positive, there are toilets and an outdoor shower for sandy little bodies. Bliss really.

Five reasons to visit Avalon, Clareville Beach
Clareville Beach

Paradise beach, located at the bottom of Paradise Avenue, lives up to it’s name. It’s an absolutely glorious location. Again, the waves are very gentle (almost non-existent), there’s plenty of sand for digging and building castles and at points of the day parts of the beach is shaded. While it’s not strictly a beach pool, there is a fence in the water that would keep any big sea creatures out of the swimming area. If you’re looking for a beautiful beach to take young kids, Paradise Beach is perfect.

Perfect Paradise Beach
Perfect Paradise Beach

4. The Shops

The township of Avalon is a perfect place for a casual meander. There are lots of lovely little quirky coastal shops, boutiques, a florist, organic food shops and a kids boutique to explore. You could easily spend a very relaxed afternoon strolling around the town.

Five reasons to visit Avalon organic food shop
Organic food store, Avalon

5. The Cafes  

For a little village, Avalon has lots of fabulous places to dine. We’re generally restricted by three rascals but what we have experienced has been fabulous. The coffee at Nourished (on Avalon Parade) is spot on, we’ve tested it out plenty of times and have not been disappointed.They also do delicious and healthy meals and snacks. And there’s liquid chlorophyll on tap. Apparently people are ‘all over it’. I am clearly not one of the cool kids!

five reasons to visit avalon nourish cafe life on wallace
Nourished Cafe, Avalon

Smalltown cafe (Old Barrenjoey Rd) is very popular. Our brunch was yummo and the presentation is impressive. I highly recommend the Poppyseed Ricotta Pancakes.

Delicious pancakes at Smalltown Avalon
Delicious pancakes at Smalltown Avalon

Now I’ll be frank, my knowledge of dinner establishments is limited. I can however say that the take away Indian from Curry by the Curve (Hudson Parade, towards Clareville) is delectable! You won’t be disappointed but do order early as there is often a long wait for dinner.

Our family of five have been very well taken care of at Meltemi (Old Barrenjoey Road). The pizza is tasty, there’s pasta and a great specials board. It’s nothing fancy but that works for us.

Importantly, there are three bottleshops in Avalon. I’m a parent and I need wine.

Those are my five reasons to visit Avalon with kids! What are your ‘must haves’ for a weekend away?

7 thoughts on “Five reasons to visit Avalon, NSW

  1. We certainly enjoyed our time in Avalon and look forward to a return visit!

    Apart from loving the gorgeous beach at Clareville I particularly appreciated that there was a Woolworths in town. Whilst I’d love to try some of the cafes next time having a little one with multiple allergies means I need a back up option, ie, the ability to run down the road for more rice milk 🙂

    1. Yes Lise, having a Woolworths is very handy. For us it means we can buy the essentials when we arrive rather than packing the esky!

  2. What a beautiful part of the world Avalon is. Gorgeous pics. It’s truly surfie country up there. Only half an hour from my place, but feels like a world away. I’ll have to investigate those other beaches. I don’t think we’ve been to Clareville. I’m very partial to having breakfast out on the weekend and those pancakes look divine! From #teamwanderlust

    1. Thanks for your kind words Kirralee. Avalon is surfie central, we must visit again when the weather warms up.

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