Morning tea – Lemonade Scones

I am rather fond of a good scone. Yet, they’ve long been my baking nemesis. Then I discovered lemonade scones. Easy, delicious, and dare I say, fool proof, lemonade scones. I’ve no idea why lemonade scones work, but I suspect it’s got something to do with the bubbles in the lemonade and the fat content of the cream. A light and fluffy scone is the result.

After I’d made my recent batch of lemonade scones I asked my Nan for her scone making tips and she assured me scones were simple. She then recited a convoluted recipe and instructions.  Argh, too hard. I admitted to Nan that I had used a recipe from the internet rather than the ‘family’ recipe. I am sure I heard a gasp of horror. I wasn’t honest enough to tell her I’d used lemonade.

Lemonade scone making tips

Here are my lemonade scone making tips, which are largely universal:

1. Wear an apron! It’s ridiculously old fashioned but working with flour and dough is messy. A good old apron will keep you clean. Or maybe I am an exceptionally messy cook!

Wear an apron when making scones
Oh so sexy!
Tea with lemonade scones
Tea + scones = perfection

2. If making lemonade scones, use lemonade at room temperature.  It just works better.

3. Everyone will tell you this, do not overwork your scone dough. The less you handle the dough, the better the scone. If you knead your dough too much you’ll end up with hard, tough rocks scones.

4. Flour your bench with plain flour and dip your cookie cutter in plain flour (it helps to more easily release the scones). I think this plain flour tip was something Nan passed on to me.

5. Put your scones close to each other on the baking tray so they all rise upwards together. Lemonade scones aren’t as pretty looking as a regular scone. Maybe it’s the lemonade bubbles, but they don’t tend to look as smooth on the surface.

Lemonade Scones - Life on Wallace
All set for an uprising
Warm lemonade scones at Life on Wallace
Fresh from the oven

6. Cook your scones in a hot oven (about 200 degrees). The oven here on Wallace is ridiculously hot, so my lemonade scones were done in 10 minutes flat.

Lemonade scones, like regular scones, are delicious when still warm, served with a decent dollop of jam and cream and a hot cup of tea.

Lemonade scones for morning tea
Who could resist a lemonade scone?
Lemonade scones with tea at Life on Wallace
I like my tea strong!

Morning tea for a cause

On a much more sober note, I made these ‘mini’ scones for a fundraising morning tea for McAuley Care. It’s a safe house that provides crisis accommodation to women and their children who are escaping family violence. Worryingly, McAuley Care is the only safe house in Victoria open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The statistics on family violence are baffling, in Australia each week one woman is killed by her partner or former partner. Yet some suggest the statistic is now closer to two deaths per week.

While morning tea and the lemonade scones were delicious, not everything was light and fluffy. Do you have a secret to scone making success?

5 thoughts on “Morning tea – Lemonade Scones

  1. I don’t make scones very often, but my red hot tip from my grandmother (who made the yummiest, lightest scones ever) is to preheat the oven to 200 degrees then turn it off when you put the scones in! Always seems to work for me

  2. Yum! I love lemonade scones. My Nan gave me the recipe for hers and they always turn out good. To be honest, I haven’t made them for ages. But you have just inspired to bake some this week 🙂

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