Tips for a 30 day get chucked challenge

Life on Wallace Tips for a 30 day get chucked challenge

Last month, I purged our house of 465 possessions. It was surprisingly easy and I am sure you could do it.  If you’ve not heard of the 30 day get chucked challenge, it’s basically a de-clutter challenge. On the first day you throw one possession, two possessions go on the second day, three things on the third day and eventually you’ll be free of 465 things. Here are my tips for a 30 day get chucked challenge.

It doesn’t have to be 30 consecutive days

In theory, you start the challenge on the first day of the month and finish on the 30th. That’s obviously easier said than done. I cruised along to about day 25 and then hit a speed bump in the form of sick kids. The thing I realised is you can just pick up where you left off and continue on your merry way to being free of 465 possessions. I might have been collecting 25 possessions on the 28th but I kept plodding along.

Hot spots

Some days you’ll be really motivated to throw stuff out. Other days you’ll feel a bit ho hum about it. Do the ‘easy’ areas on those days. Easy areas for me were the bathroom cupboard (who knew sunscreen had such a short use by date), the pantry, my wardrobe and the bookshelf. Other areas where unwanted items lurk include the linen cupboard, the dreaded ‘third draw’ (you know the draw that has wooden spoons and ends with about 17 of those useless champagne bottle stoppers), the toy boxes, the jewellery box (I had so many earrings that had lost its pair), makeup (also very short shelf life), cables and cords (we had chargers for phones we got rid of years ago), manuals (we had manuals for appliances we no longer own), the list goes on!

Get rid of it

This might sound obvious, but once you’ve decided you don’t want an item, make a decision to either bin it, donate it or sell it. If you’re donating or selling it, do it quickly. It kinda doesn’t count as de-cluttering if that item then floats about your house waiting for it’s journey to the Vinnies bin or to be photographed and put on Gumtree. I might be speaking from experience here.

Ban junk from the house

Something that I realised during the 30 day get chucked challenge is that so many of the possessions we don’t want or need were given to us. I realise that makes me sound like an ungrateful cow. The thing is, people have different tastes. It is super tricky though, rejecting a gift or other free stuff is almost impossible. I suppose what I’ve learnt is to either be honest and admit you don’t like it or don’t be consumed by guilt and move the gift on quickly. I swear guilt is the reason we have so many possessions. But just because someone gave you something doesn’t mean you need to keep it.

Be decisive

I’m not known for my decisive nature but during the 30 day get chucked challenge I uttered the words ‘just chuck it’ a lot of times. I have a new catch phrase, if in doubt, chuck it out! I had clothes in my wardrobe that I’d contemplated throwing out so many times but kept. They are now gone! There’s something about the challenge, and needing to reach a set amount of possessions to throw, that makes you ruthless.

My biggest tip for a 30 day get chucked challenge is don’t be intimidated by the 465 possessions. Take it one day at a time and focus on the items for that day (as in 23 items on day 23). One of the best things about the challenge is that we are still getting rid of stuff. The challenge gave us a de-clutter bug. I suspect I’ll embark on another 30 day get chucked challenge at some point.

I’d love to know your de-clutter tips!

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8 thoughts on “Tips for a 30 day get chucked challenge

  1. Interesting challenge! When I get on a decluttering roll I don’t think I’d want to stop once I reached my quota for decluttering on that day! Did you always just reach your quota each day or did you keep going if there were loads of items to declutter in the area you were doing on that day?

    1. I certainly kept going if I was on a roll. At the early stages of the challenge I was ‘ahead of the game’, which helped to reach the target.

  2. I love a good declutter! At the moment I have warned everyone that comes over that they are taking away one item with them… surprisingly finding new and good homes for my little treasures is turning out to be very easy 🙂

  3. I’m off overseas soon, but when I get back I am totally going to do this challenge, starting with the bathroom cupboard! I’m going to feng shui my stuff, if I don’t love it and I don’t need it, I’m going to get rid of it! I always think a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind. Do you feel all zen and tidy now?!

    1. That’s one of my ‘de-clutter’ mottos Sammie – have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful! I’m not as zen as I’d like to be, there’s more de-cluttering to be done.

  4. Hi Claire, I love this challenge and did something similar at one of my other blogs, Reality Chick. I posted before and after photos and everything for a whole month. Then we renovated and created an attic space and we put so much junk up there you cannot MOVE for boxes. Now I have a baby and it’s near impossible to get into the attic and declutter it. It weighs heavily on my head (and over my head, haha).

    I might start with your challenge downstairs though, because it’ll be easier picking up around my baby and frankly, looking at all my dodgy used-to-be-non-stick-but-aren’t-anymore pots and pans makes me depressed and they have to go. I will also try to tackle the attic too, I suppose. Argh. Wish me luck.

    So lovely to connect with you on FB.

    Rachel X

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by! We had attic storage in our old house but don’t in our new house. If I am honest, I think we were storing stuff we were too lazy to deal with in the attic. When we moved to Wallace we were forced to deal with it! It’s still an ongoing project. Happy decluttering, a baby underfoot makes it all the more challenging!

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