Simple drawstring bag tutorial

I’ll soon be back in the office which means my littlest lad is starting childcare. I do wish it wasn’t so! I whipped up a simple drawstring bag to cart his gear in. Here’s a tutorial so you can make your own. I used leftover fabric from other projects, making for very cheap bags! I made two bags, one is for the middle lad. Mr Wallace assures me a green shopping bag does the trick for the childcare sheets but I’m not convinced!

Collect your supplies

simple drawstring bag tutorial
simple drawstring bag tutorial

You can make the bag whatever size you fancy, these measurements make a reasonable sized bag. It will hold a cot sheet and sleeping bag (or cot sized blanket) and a teddy bear.

You’ll need:
2 rectangles measuring 35cm x 45cm
2 strips of fabric measuring 35cm x 6.5cm
2 lengths of 12mm wide cotton tape (twill tape) about 1.1m each.

Sew together the rectangles

With right sides together, join the rectangles. Sew along one side, the bottom and the other side, using a 1cm seam allowance. Finish the raw edges, I overlocked.

Create the drawstring casing

simple drawstring bag tutorial
Overlock the short edges
simple drawstring bag tutorial
Leave an opening for the drawstring

The two strips of fabric will create the casing for the drawstring. First, overlock the raw edges of the short ends of the fabric strips. Place the right sides of each strip together and sew the short ends, again using a 1cm seam allowance. You need to leave an opening of about 1.5cm in each strip to create a gap for the drawstring to pass through (similar to the photo above). You’ll then have a ring of fabric. Press the seam allowance open, fold the strip in half lengthways and press.

Join the casing to the bag

simple drawstring bag tutorial
Attach casing to bag
simple drawstring bag tutorial

The next step is to join the casing and bag together. Turn the bag right side out. Slide the casing onto the bag so that the raw edges are aligned, right sides together. Match the side seams together and pin. Using a 1cm seam allowance, sew the casing to the bag. Overlock the raw edges. Next, press the seam allowance towards the bottom of the bag. Finally topstitch around the opening of the bag.

Insert the drawstring

simple drawstring bag tutorial
simple drawstring bag tutorial

Using a safety pin, insert one length of the twill tape into the casing. Thread it through until you reach the same end that it started (do the whole loop of the bag). Tie the ends of the tape together. Thread the second piece of tape, starting at the other opening. Pass it through the entire casing until you reach the gap you started at and tie the ends together.

The edges of the twill tape will fray slightly. If you like, fold the ends of each piece of tap over twice and stitch down.

Tug the ends together and your simple drawstring bag is finished! Your little one is off to childcare, sob.

Fingers crossed that made sense. If something needs clarifying, please ask!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!