A fifth birthday conversation

fifth birthday conversation - life on wallace

The biggest lad is five! It feels like a milestone and yet I still haven’t fully worked out this parenting thing. I guess the first child is always a bit of a trial run but I absolutely feel like I am making things up as I go along. We’ve no doubt made some mistakes along the way, despite that I think the big lad is a good natured kid. He surprises me sometimes with his insight, empathy and sense of social justice.

I kicked of the birthday conversation with the biggest lad on his third birthday. Hilariously this year I got the sense that he was somehow indulging me by answering the questions. As with the interview with the middle lad, I’ve added my insight to the answers.

Fifth birthday conversation

How old are you? Five. 

What makes you happy? My birthday. 

What is your favourite animal? King lion.

What is your favourite thing to eat? ‘New’ corn thins

The biggest lad has a white food diet. That’s my technical term for a diet that involves white food. Plain pasta, plain rice, bread (ok, that’s wholemeal), apple (strictly red only), chips (salt and vinegar only, won’t touch a hot chip), yoghurt, sausages and crackers. That is about all he eats. New corn thins are actually thin rice cakes, without anything on them. Putting aside the awful nutritional content of this diet, it’s just so darn boring. Anyhow, we’re working on it.

What is your favourite thing to do? Make lego with Daddy. 

What is your favourite TV show? Octonauts. 

Same as the middle lad, yet the big lad barely watches it. Perhaps he was trying to hurry me along!

What are you really good at? Puzzles.

He got a 100 piece puzzle for his birthday and did it without a hassle. I tend to agree that he is really good at puzzles!

What is your favourite movie? Toy Story. 

What is your favourite colour? Red and blue. 

What is your favourite song? You are my sunshine.  

Who is your best friend? Harry and Samuel.

He answered this without even a pause, as if to say, come on Mummy, you know that! He’s been best mates with Harry and Samuel since they meet at childcare in the beginning of 2012. They’ll each head off to different schools next year and it makes me sad to think of them going their separate ways.

What do you and Mummy do together? Go to the sewing shop. 

The big lad often gets dragged to Spotlight with me. Thing is, he’s really decisive with fabric choices, unlike me! I really love it when he tags along.

What do you and Daddy do together? Go to Bunnings.

What is your favourite sport? Soccer.

He’s never played soccer, but I think he’d like to!

Where is your favourite place to go? The Cafe.

We often scooter to our local cafe, where the boys get lots of attention. The middle lad will get a milkshake and they happen to come with a snake. The middle lad doesn’t like lollies, the biggest lad doesn’t like milkshakes. The middle lad gives his snake to his big brother and everyone is happy!

What is your favourite book? The Stick Man. 

This was a birthday present that he’d been very keen for!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor.

He’s wanted to be a Doctor for a while now, mostly because he’s beloved Aunty is a Doctor. Often he wants to drive an ambulance, he’s happy to be a paramedic too.

fifth birthday conversation
Look how big this kid is! Image courtesy of The Keepsaker


The sixth birthday interview promises to be interesting. The big lad will be off to school next year and that will be a whole new world!





22 thoughts on “A fifth birthday conversation

  1. Beautiful boy 🙂 I can’t believe our big boys are five! I totally feel like F is a big experiment, but he also seems to be doing okay so must be doing something okay. Look forward to reading his next set of responses!

    1. It hardly seems possible does it Lise? Surely all first children are experiments, there’s a lot of new territory to navigate first time around!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, its never too late to do the interview. I’m sure his answers would change by the time he’s 6!

  2. OMG he is just gorgeous. He would make the perfect future husband for my daughter just turned five. She also loves going to Bunnings with her Daddy and hopes to one day be a doctor for fairies 🙂 #teamIBOT

  3. Oh such a sweetheart 🙂 loving his answers. I had a little smile because my oldest boys name is Samuel and his best mate is Harry. How funny.

  4. What a gorgeous photo. I can’t believe our boys are 5 and off to school next year! I love the questions. I think we might have to try something similar xx

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