Make your own wrecking ball piñata

Make your own wrecking ball pinata - Life on Wallace

When it comes to party games, the highlight of the boys construction party was the wrecking ball piñata. Everyone gets to give it a good whack and at the end your efforts are rewarded with lollies! What is there not to love? The great thing about a piñata is that they are very easy to DIY to fit your party theme. Here’s how you can make your own wrecking ball piñata.

Step One

make your own wrecking ball pinata - Life on Wallace
make your own wrecking ball pinata - Life on Wallace

A wrecking ball piñata is very simple as it is basically just a round ball. Source yourself a large round ballon. I found mine at a party supply store. Blow it up and put it on a bucket so that the narrow end of the ballon (where you’ve tied it) is inside the bucket.

Roughly cut newspaper into strips, the length and width doesn’t matter too much, but basically 5cm wide by 10cm long. Mix up some white craft glue with water, in equal parts. Dip one strip at a time in the glue mix and smooth onto the balloon. When the strips are dry (after a few hours), turn the balloon upside down and cover the narrow end, making sure to leave an opening to put the lollies in. Leave the paper-mache to dry completely, usually overnight.

Repeat this process two more times, with a layer of paper-mache on each end and allowing each layer to dry completely. After three layers of paper-mache your wrecking ball piñata will be very tough to crack!

Step two

make your own wrecking ball pinata - Life on Wallace
make your own wrecking ball pinata - Life on Wallace

Pop the ballon and then tip the wrecking ball over to empty the balloon. Put the wrecking ball back on the bucket with the hole at the top. Fill your wrecking ball piñata with lollies. Hot tip – use lollies that have wrapers/are covered. The lollies all hit the ground so you want to make sure they are protected.

Step three

Create a hanger for the wrecking ball piñata. Using a knife make two small slits, about 1cm, on opposite sides at the end you have closed.  Cut a length of string, about 1 metre, and thread one end through both holes and tie it at top of the piñata, leaving enough string to attach to a chain.

Step four

Close the open end of the wrecking ball piñata using long strips of papier-mâché. Again, apply three layers and allow for drying time between each layer.

Step five

Using black spray paint, spray one end of the wrecking ball. Once it is dry to touch, flip it over and spray the other end. Once completely dry, apply a second coat of black spray paint.

Step six – the final step for the wrecking ball piñata

how to make a wrecking ball pinata - life on wallace
how to make a wrecking ball pinata - life on wallace

The final step is to tie the ends of the string to a length of chain. The chain is basically to make the wrecking ball piñata look like a real wrecking ball on a construction site. At the other end of the 1-2 m length of chain tie it to ordinary rope to make hanging the piñata easier.

Your wrecking ball piñata is finished and ready to hang! What is your favourite party game?

Tuesday has had a distinct party theme the last few weeks. If you missed the run down of the construction party food and decorations, you can read it here.

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  1. Ha! You know how facebook picks keywords and suggests other pages that are similar? Well this is suggesting a bit of Miley Cyrus 😂

  2. What a great experience for your kids to make this with you. I remember one of my friends made one once and put so many layers on it that it couldn’t be broken! She and the guests had a good laugh about it. One of the Dads had to lay into it to give the kids a chance!! I’ve never made one but will one day. Will def revisit this post for some tips!

    1. Hilarious Shauna, we’ve had the ‘too tough to crack’ piñata experience before. It does make for a good laugh.

    1. Thanks Renee. My hair does absolutely not normally look like that! We’d had family photos taken in the morning and started the piñata in the afternoon. I did feel far too glamorous to be crafting!

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