Competition: Win a house clean and do what makes you happy!

do more of what makes you happy - competition

This competition is now closed. Wow, what an amazing response, choosing a winner was tricky! I loved every entry, they all made me smile and nod in agreement.

Huge congratulations to Julie Jones, the competition winner, based on her sweet little poem –

Like Cinderella I toil away, wishing I had more time to play. Time with the kids makes me happy, cleaning constantly is just simply crappy!

Please check your email Julie for more information.


I’ve a dirty little secret for you, literally. I’m a terrible housekeeper. Friends often ask ‘where do you find the time’ to sew, blog or bake? I usually laugh it off. The truth is, I carve out time to do what makes me happy. The sacrifice is housework. I ‘find the time’ by avoiding what I should be doing and doing what I love. I don’t even feel particularly guilty about it.

The women in my family have set a high bar for clean houses. My 83-year-old grandmother polishes her bathtub and lawnmower with Mr Sheen, I kid you not!. My Mum and my sister are both very house-proud. Sadly, for me the only thing I hate more than having a dirty house is cleaning.

When I say the house is dirty, I’m not talking crusty cereal bowls left on the bedroom floor or rotting apples under the couch. Rather, the floors don’t get vacuumed as often as they should. The sheets are not changed weekly or even fortnightly. The bathroom gets a clean when it starts to look grimy. My biggest aversion is folding washing, gee I hate folding. Of course I’d love a clean house. I wish I were one of those people that welcomed unexpected guests rather than dreading them.

Before having children we had a fortnightly cleaner. Unfortunately, we can’t justify the cost these days. It’s ironic because I spend more time in the house now but have less time to clean. None of my boys have been fond of sleep and as the saying goes, cleaning with kids in the house is like raking leaves in a hurricane. When the boys are in bed for the night, I don’t rush about cleaning. I do what makes me happy, I sew or bake or plod along on my blog.

While we don’t live in a pigsty (mostly) our house is a long way off a display home. When an innovative start-up company, Home Hello offered to clean my house, and to provide one of my lovely readers with a complimentary clean, well it didn’t take me long to say yes please! Home Hello allows you to book a cleaner for a one-off or regular clean, securely online. You pick the date and time and while the professionals clean, you can relax and do what makes you happy!

Do what makes you happy thanks to Home Hello

Do you live in Sydney or Melbourne and fancy a sparkling clean house? Fabulous! Simply leave a comment below answering this question: what would you like to do more of that makes you happy?

The competition closes at midnight September 15th 2015 and is open to residents in Sydney and Melbourne only. One entry per person. See the full terms and conditions here. Be sure to subscribe to Life on Wallace (in the side bar on the right hand side) so you don’t miss future competitions!

Home Hello provided me with a complimentary clean of my home. These are my own, honest opinions based on my experience of Home Hello.


42 thoughts on “Competition: Win a house clean and do what makes you happy!

  1. My level of clean sounds much like yours Claire. Life’s too short to spending it cleaning all the time! I don’t mind folding the washing though and Miss 3 loves to help me sort it into piles or match the socks. I would love Home Hello to come work their magic at my house! More of what makes me happy – I would use the extra time to get out enjoy the coming spring weather or for a little sewing project.

  2. Cleaning bathrooms and dusting are the absolute pits and I can’t vacuum at all now because of my back, so anything, anything at all makes me happier than cleaning! If I had to choose an activity, it would be to have a stretch. Once done, you feel amazing but finding the time is surprisingly hard when little humans think it’s an invitation to kick your nose and have a good laugh about it.

    1. Oh my gosh Mrs Cunningham, I sometimes try to do the odd yoga pose with kids around and they treat me like a climbing frame, so I hear you loud and clear!

  3. More me & my darling son, Finn, time rather than rushing around unpacking the dishwasher, hanging out the endless loads of laundry
    More of smiling, laughing & being in the moment rather than letting the ‘what I think I should be doing’ thoughts ruin my present.
    Great to hear there are some others out there that have the same philosophy! 🙂

    1. Oh Carrie, it’s so hard to really be in the moment with your children when you have an internal voice listing the chores you ‘should’ be doing!

  4. I totally hear you, Claire. Uncreased clothing is totally overrated. I would love to win a house clean just so that I can spend a few more hours building my little biz which is in sore need of some attention as it gets buried under all those jobs that being a mum and having a family bring 🙂

    1. Building a business must be incredibly tough when you also have a family to care for. Fingers crossed for you Sophie xx

  5. What would make me happier? More sleep (Yeah, that ain’t gonna happen!) More time at the gym (even I’m surprised by how much I miss it!), and maybe even more pampering. I am desperate for a Thai massage. Would probably sleep straight through it 😉

  6. I’m not entering because I already have a cleaner – we’ve been going steady for three years – but more time to run and bake (not at the same time obvs) would make me happier! Thanks for linking up to The Ultimate Rabbit Hole.

  7. I absolutely love catching up with my two beautiful sisters. Both are single mothers and work full time to provide for their kids. If I won, I’d gift this awesome prize to one of my sisters, then take us all out for lunch and a movie whilst her house is getting cleaned (even though my home could certainly do with a spring clean!!) 🙂

  8. Even though I have a small-ish apartment, cleaning it is such a monumental task. Most times I resort to picking up the chunky bits, the sticky, slimy, and/or smelly bits. If I were to win this, I would use the time to sit on the lounge with my 3yo and let her tell me stories, read her a book or 3 or watch Monsters Inc with her. All the things that I’m wishing I could do with her while I’m either doing the housework or managing her little sister.

  9. How i hate cleaning! my mum used to say the only thing domestic about me is i live in a house….
    Summer is on its way – cleaning can wait. I’ll be out in the sunshine with family & friends, talking, laughing, and drinking a few cheeky wines too!

  10. I would love to get out my art and craft supplies again! My third daughter is just eleven days old though, so I would settle for just having a few more minutes of newborn snuggles! They grow up so quickly!

  11. This would be amazing – expecting our first child I would love spending our precious time with our baby rather than cleaning. That would truly make me happy!

  12. That all sounds eerily familiar. Except I don’t mind washing. Everything else – not so much. We have flirted with the idea of a cleaner, but haven’t yet committed. I have been very fortunate to stumble across a huge passion project in the last couple of years. The next step is converting my published book into an eBook. I think I would ditch the kids and take myself off somewhere quite to read my manuscript so I could report back with any changes, then hit GO on this next part of the project. There is not much better than be greeted by the smell of a freshly cleaned home, without having to sweat for it. Good luck everyone and thanks for the opportunity Claire!

  13. Cooking! I love cooking, it’s my therapy but the cleaning, tidying and laundry keep eating into my precious cooking time so any help in those departments would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  14. Play with my 12 month old twins! They are hilarious to watch, tickle and teach, the best part of my day by far. Far more important than cleaning 😉

  15. More of what makes me happy? Painting my nails! I love pretty nails, just never seem to have the time to get it done anymore. Always the best of intentions, but there’s always something more urgent needs doing…

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