Picnic at Barangaroo Reserve

picnic at barangaroo reserve

Need a change of scene? Try a picnic at Barangaroo Reserve! It’s a spectacular transformation of one of Sydney’s oldest industrial sites. Recently opened, Barangaroo provides an amazing vantage point for Sydney Harbour. There’s lots of open space for kids, flat paths for strolling (very pram friendly) and has the benefit of gorgeous water views for the grown-ups.

picnic at barangaroo reserve

picnic at barangaroo reserve

No need to pack at picnic at Barangaroo Reserve

We ventured down to Barangaroo on a whim one Saturday afternoon. Regretfully we hadn’t packed a picnic or the scooters! The paths would be perfect for dashing about on a scooter and to burn off some of our boys seemingly endless energy. Thankfully on ‘Stargazer Lawn’ there are temporary coffee and ice-cream carts and food trucks to satisfy your hunger. It seems the food trucks will be at Barangaroo during the Welcome Celebration weekends until November.

There’s a relaxed vibe at Barangaroo. You can recline in lounge chairs towards the top of the reserve and soak in the view of both the Harbour Bridge and Anzac bridge. My boys loved clambering about the sandstone down by the water. They dangled their feet in, proclaiming it to be the most freezing water ever. Typical boys, they found small stones and hurled them in to the water. It’s slightly nerve wracking, as they could very easily dive or slip into the water. You have to have your wits about you.

picnic at barangaroo reserve

picnic at barangaroo

While not strictly part of Barangaroo, there is a small park at the top of the reserve, behind the food trucks. It provided another space for the boys to climb and explore.

If you’re in Sydney, it’s worth the effort to picnic at Barangaroo Reserve. It’s an easy and kid friendly way to access the Harbour. We parked at the Wilson car park off Towns Place in Millers Point. It’d be a good spot to enter with kids on scooters as it provides level access. Eventually there will be a walkway from Wynyard Station to Barangaroo if you’re coming on public transport.

Where’s your favourite family picnic spot? We love exploring new places!

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16 thoughts on “Picnic at Barangaroo Reserve

  1. We’ve never been to this lovely spot, something I think we will have to rectify. The kids will love those rocks!

    Our current favourite picnic spot is at Church Point, but it changes every time we find somewhere new to love. x

  2. Nice view towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

    I love Sydney and been there twice, so intrigued to find out Barangaroo’s location. I believe we had passed the Reserve in one of the city-wandering mornings, when we visited Sydney and stay in The Rock:). I must make sure I pop by the park for a picnic if I ever visiting Sydney again:D.

  3. What a gorgeous spot! This is the kind of thing I miss now that we’ve moved out of the city. Just being able to hop on a train or bus and be at places like this without any fuss.

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