Oliver + S DIY bucket hat

diy bucket hat oliver and s

Summer is on the way! Inspired by a picture I saw on Instagram, I decided to make the boys some hats. I’ve never made a hat before, but armed with the free Oliver and S reversible bucket hat pattern, I decided I’d DIY bucket hat, times four! One was a gift and it was quickly dispatched, the other disappeared off to child care before I could snap a picture.

I didn’t take up sewing as a cost saving thing. It’s a creative outlet and a hobby I can pursue without leaving the house. I suspect making these hats is the very first time my sewing has saved us money. It’s a free pattern and I used left over fabric from other projects. Those fancy bucket hats are about 30 bucks, so I’ll take the DIY bucket hat as a win!

diy bucket hat - life on wallace
diy bucket hat - life on wallace

Now, I am not keen on hand sewing. In fact, I avoid it like the plague. Thankfully I found some machine hack instructions for the hat. Don’t you love the internet? The other change I made to the pattern was to increase the width of the brim by one inch, on the advice @Mrs Smyth Made This gave me on Instagram. It certainly gave the hats a huge brim! Mr Wallace noted the wide brim and I joked that their necks wouldn’t get sunburnt. Mr Wallace then rather cheekily said, ‘or their shoulders’. Ha, well I figure there’s nothing wrong with being sun smart!

diy bucket hat - life on wallace
diy bucket hat - life on wallace

The hats have been a hit at childcare. The teachers are impressed with the sun protection they offer. I often find it tough to find things to sew for little boys, but I’m adding a DIY bucket hat to my list of things to sew for boys. They are super cute and would make a lovely gift for a baby, along with a bib or appliqué onesie, or even a kid’s birthday present for the older boys friends.

I’m rather impressed with my first DIY bucket hat! What do you think, is the brim too ridiculously wide? 

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30 thoughts on “Oliver + S DIY bucket hat

  1. They look fantastic and I just love your models 😃

    I shall be adding this to my sewing to do list for sure – thanks!

  2. No way – these are super cute! I think the wider brim is good actually – as long as they can still see I reckon it’s great to have the extra sun protection. Nice work!

    1. Thanks, the little guy did look like he was peering out from underneath it, but he didn’t smash into anything so I think it’s ok!

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this pattern and linking to the hack. I made this previously but never totally finished it properly, wearable but not washable 😮 at least partially because of the hand sewing.

    You’ve inspired me to print it out again.

    Love the wide brims. I did find that my boy tended to push it back, what I considered to far, on his forehead at times when I did that. In the end I trialed flipping the edge of the brim back bowler style when smooshing it on his head and he seemed much happier with it and it gave his face much better sun coverage.

    Kind Regards
    Belinda Francis

    1. You’re welcome Belinda, I really do avoid hand sewing whenever I can. We did flip the front of the brim up at one point and it seemed to work well.

  4. aww I think he looks adorable 🙂 I like that the brim is a little sniff. My little girls current hat is always flopping in her eyes which just makes her pull it off 🙁 These are gorgeous, maybe I’ll try to make some.

  5. Gorgeous hats and well done you! Hats are so important as I have found out this week – diagnosed with my first skin cancer 🙁 . I used to do a bit of sewing when the kids were little, to save money mostly. Little boy’s shorts are so easy – when they’re small an elastic waist is fine, no need for pockets or zips etc. I could whip up a pair in less than an hour, using bargain bin or off cuts of material.

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. Thanks Janet. I make a lot of boys PJ bottoms and I’ve got two pairs of shorts that I am in the middle of making!

      Good luck with the treatment of your skin cancer. It must be a scary time for you.

  6. What a great idea! I think the wide brim is a great idea. I often notice my little one has the sun on her face or in her eyes with the standard size. I’m not much of a sewer but I might give this a go

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