Eldest child starting school = YIPPEE!

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Is it wrong to be beside yourself with excitement about your eldest child starting school? The biggest lad starts school next year and it’s fair to say that I cannot wait. I might be more enthusiasitc than he is, and he is keen. He’s had kindy orientation recently and chatting to other parents, feelings seem mixed about kids trotting off to school. I’ve got a hunch that how you feel about your child starting school depends a lot on whether the kid is the first, last or somewhere in between.

The only or youngest child starting school

These parents are the ones that make comments like “she’ll be fine, but I’ll be teary” or “it’s the end of an era” or “I’m going to miss him”. They are dealing with the transition from being the mother of a baby to being the mother of a big kid. Their child starts school but for them, life as they’ve known it for the last five or so years is coming to an end. They will lose the companionship of their child. Aren’t these parents lovely? They certainly aren’t as awful and cold hearted as me!

The middle or eldest child starting school

These parents are literally jumping with joy at the thought of their child starting school. They say things like ‘we’re both ready’ or ‘bring on February’ or ‘she’s really looking forward to school, and so am I’. No prizes for guessing that I fall in to this category

For these parents school will occupy their child five days a week, sure it’s a short day at school, but those 6 and a half hours with one less kid in the house sounds like bliss. Take one kid out of the mix and suddenly your load is much lighter. When you’re used to getting shit done with three kids, it feels like you can conquer the world when you’re only wrangling two.

No doubt most parent’s have mixed emotions about their child starting school, irrespective of if they are the first or last child. While it’s possible I might get a little teary on my eldest kid’s first day of school, I suspect I’ll be skipping out of the playground. After giving him a gentle shove through the school gates!

How do (or did) you feel about your eldest child starting school?

37 thoughts on “Eldest child starting school = YIPPEE!

  1. My eldest is also starting school. I know I will cry, but I’m also looking forward to just having one at home a couple of days per week. Mind you I’m already counting down the days until number two child starts preschool – his preschool does 15 hours per week which is made up of two days one week and three the next. It means every second Wednesday I’ll have the day to myself. Woo hoo, only 14 months to go!!!

  2. My eldest is also starting school next year. I’m pretty much anxious about it – she will be fine, she’ll be great – I’m just scared of the bullies 😔.

    1. Mixed feelings is a good way to put it. While I am very excited about him starting I suspect it’ll take some adjusting.

    1. The years really to whizz past! My youngest won’t start school til 2020, it’s so far away I can’t even fathom it!

  3. I was so ready when both started, but worse when my youngest went. The day before she started I was constantly thinking, this is the last time we will grocery shop together, this is the last time we will do this and that. I was a mess!
    Now, though I love it! Hehe 😂
    Although I do like school holidays too, no routine. You might not be so happy once you start packing school lunch boxes! Argh! 😂

  4. I was teary. She was teary. But she was fine and so was I eventually. She had already been in full time day care but there was something about big school that freaked us both out a little bit, plus a few other hiccups on the day. This year she started high school. I didn’t cry (in front of her).

  5. I’ll admit I was a bit of an emotional wreck when our eldest started school. I was also heavily pregnant with his brother at the time, so I’m going to blame the hormones 🙂 Enjoy the time but beware – the day flies by and before you know it, its time to collect them in the afternoon already!

  6. I have a two and a half year old and a one year old – so starting school is a little way off for them. I am wondering if it is easy to have another two babies before my eldest starts school or to have two at home and two at school? I know you can’t always plan out everything the way you want it. But I wonder if having a baby and not having to do the school run is easier then having less children at home?

    1. Shari, four kids! A lady with three children told me when I was pregnant with our third that I was sensible having him before the eldest started school as the first year of school is very demanding. She’d had her third child the same year her eldest started school and she said it was tough. Hope that helps a little?

  7. My eldest starts preschool next year & I’m having mixed emotions about that & it’s only 2 dats a week so who knows what I’ll bd like when he goes to big school. I know he’ll have a great time & I am looking forward to having a few hours a day just one on one with my youngest but it’s going to be an adjustment after 4 years of him always just being here

    1. I’m really looking forward to having more time with my younger two children. The biggest lad tends to dominate play! But big school does seem rather scary!

  8. I was emotional for about five seconds and then I adjusted to my new life with WAY MORE BREATHING ROOM. This happened with my first and second children. I suspect my last child might be the one that breaks me just a smidge but I’m confident I can pull myself together – over a peppermint tea, in a cafe, ALL ALONE.


    1. Angie, I could not agree more with your comment! Let’s be friends, yes? But I’ll drink coffee while you have your peppermint tea xx

  9. I was quite relieved to finally have a good 6 hours to myself each day! I did have the bittersweet ‘aw she’s not a baby anymore’ but probably for 5 seconds!

  10. My eldest is just finishing his first year at big school. He was definitely ready and we were both looking forward to it. I found the hardest bits though were all the unanswered questions I had like ‘will they make them put on sun cream?’ or ‘who will stop them if they wonder out of the school gates?’. So I worried despite feeling excited about school.

    1. I’m so glad I am not the only one Rebecca. I was feeling like a terrible parent because I wasn’t getting teary about it!

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