Learn to blog like a boss at Little Blog Big!

Learn to blog like a boss at a little blog big workshop

Are you a blogger wanting to blog like a boss? If you are, the trick is to sign up for a Little Blog Big workshop. The Little Blog Big workshop hosted by Carly from Smaggle and Christina from Hair Romance was amazing. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience about blogging and speak about their blogs and the blogging world with huge passion.

The day moves at a cracking pace. A whole range of topics are covered, including why you blog and who you are blogging for, social media, productivity, and monetisation. The day ended with wine and an informal Q&A session. I really felt like I was soaking up so much information from Chrissy and Carly. They spoke very openly and with lots of entertaining stories along the way. It was such a lovely way to learn because you felt like you were having a conversation with an expert and not at all that you were being lectured to!

One of the fabulous things about the Little Blog Big workshop was that during each session we were given a ‘take action now’ task. This is brilliant for me. Rather than simply learning, I now have some concrete things to work on. I went home thinking, well that was fun and I cannot wait to start putting my newfound knowledge in to action. Don’t expect to see any dramatic changes but rather some little tweeks here and there!

I learnt so many things at the Little Blog Big workshop. Here’s my top three.

Write killer headlines

I’ll admit it, I don’t spend nearly enough time on my headlines. In fact, I’m totally lazy about it. As Carly said, your headline is like a resume to your post. I’m going to focus more on my headlines and ask myself the question ‘would I click on that’?

Make your Little Blog Big with social media

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. Carly and Chrissy emphasized the need to focus your social media attention where your reader is hanging out. You also have to be in the right place at the right time.


Carly did a fabulous session on productivity or ‘how to fit it all in without losing the plot’. This was such an important session. My favorite part was on ‘batching’, basically group your tasks together and do them in one big chunk, rather than moving from one different task to another. It’s such a great concept and one that I am going to test out in my real, non-blog life too.

Learn to blog like a boss at a Little Big Blog workshop

As blogger you meet lots of talented bloggers online. It is rare that you meet them in the ‘real world’. A perk of attending the Little Blog Big workshop was hanging out with other bloggers. It was fabulous to meet Mumma McD, a fellow ‘mummy blogger’ from Toilets aren’t for Turtles, and the uber stylish fashion blogger Andrea from Icadoo. Of course, they are both as lovely in the flesh as they are on Facebook and Instagram!

If you are a blogger who is starting out or a blogger who wants to refine their craft, Little Blog Big is the workshop for you. Your hosts are like a walking Wikipedia of all things blog and are very generous with their time and knowledge. I’ve no doubt that if I take the time to complete my ‘take action now’ items I would see my little blog grow, slowly but surely.

I’d love you to help me Take Action Now and build the social media presence of Life on Wallace. Don’t be shy, which social media platform takes your fancy? Facebook? Instagram? Please tell me and I’ll do my best to see you there!

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33 thoughts on “Learn to blog like a boss at Little Blog Big!

  1. Sounds fabulous. I have been blogging over 4 years and killer headlines are not my specialty. Batching is a great time saver. I do batch write posts when I can but need to start batching more tasks.

    1. Killer headlines, it seems simple but I do find it tough! I need to batch full stop, I don’t do it all at the moment.

  2. I attended the previous Little Blog Big workshop and learnt so much from Carly and Christina, that I’ve been able to implement! I was sorry I couldn’t attend this second Sydney workshop as well, to learn even more!

    My favourite social media is Instagram.

  3. So glad you enjoyed the day Claire! I saw these two speak at #PBevent and learnt so much from them even in that short time. Batching was my biggest takeaway from their talk! I had hoped to go to their Little Blog Big visit to Brisbane but couldn’t make it. Hopefully next year! 🙂

    1. Carly and Chrissy really know their stuff don’t they! I’d highly recommend Little Blog Big, I took so much away from the day.

  4. I almost went to Little Blog Big in Brisbane but the dates didn’t work out. I’m still thinking about attending if they do it again. My problem is I have all these ideas then the 2yr old takes up all my time and I don’t get them done. P.s. I hang out on FB & IG.

    1. Oh Toni, I know ALL ABOUT kids taking up valuable blogging time. But the workshop might help you be more productive in the very little time you do have. Thanks for letting me know your on FG and IG!

    1. Gosh Sally, it seems to take more time than writing the actual post! I actually love Twitter but agree with you that no-one else really hangs out there.

  5. Go you! So good you got lots out of it. I haven’t been to anything like this, yet :). Facebook and Instagram works best for me. I do Twitter, but I find it a bit too fast paced for me. I need to learn a bit more about it before I start with it again.

  6. Mumma McD was my Voices roomie that night too! Top chick. Headlines though – that is the key. My traffic picked up so much when I really started spending more time on mine. There is so much competition for people’s attention, and it can be hard to cut through unless you can perfect the art of headlines.

  7. It sounds like a wonderful bloggy event, there is nothing like the chance to talk shop (or blog) with other bloggers, who understand all the jargon and other stuff that is part of blogging. Sometimes I get so frustrated trying to explain stuff to my hubster! FB & IG are my fave social mediums personally 🙂

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

  8. I went to the last LBB workshop in Sydney and loved it and learned so much. Carly’s input on batching was invaluable as was Christina’s on working to time (50 minutes on, 17 minutes off – something like that…) There were lots of things I was able to take away and work on immediately. For the record, I love Facey but those algorithms get me every time, so I’d have to say my favourite social media is Instagram, it’s so pretty and the peeps are super cool, it’s just such a great place to hang out!

    1. How amazing is the LBB workshop! I must make more of an effort on Facebook, it’s not my favourite, that’s for sure!

  9. Sounds like a great day, I’d love to attend a workshop to help me focus & give some direction to my little blog one day. I LOVE Instagram, it’s my favorite, but I’m also on facey regularly too. I don’t get Twitter.

    1. Thanks Lozzie, the workshop was brilliant, you should try and get to one. I love Instagram too but have some work to do on Facebook!

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