That’s a wrap for 2015!

That's a wrap for 2015

It’s practically the middle of January already! How did that happen? Happy New Year, dear readers! I realise there’s been radio silence at Life on Wallace. Where did we disappear? Well, we spent three weeks in Indonesia over Christmas and New Year, but more on that later.

Life on Wallace, my little blog, is still taking shape. I didn’t set out to be a ‘mummy blogger’ but it turns out that my ranting about parenting is what my readers love. I’m making this parenting thing up as I go along and it seems I’m not the only one!

I couldn’t resist sharing my top posts of 2015. There’s no harm in the occasional self-promotion, right? If you’re just discovering Life on Wallace, there might be something new here for you.

1. Conversations with strangers

Hands down my most popular post, ever! It seems that random strangers have views on almost everybody’s families and aren’t afraid to share them.

2. Why a catnapping baby is hard work

Almost every parent seems to experience some kind of sleep drama. This post on how life with a catnapping baby is really tough resonated with many people.

3. Being the default parent is relentless

Almost every household has a default parent. Lots of my readers must be the default parent because plenty of you seemed to be nodding in agreement.

4. My sister had post-natal depression

From afar I watched my little sister struggle with post-natal depression. I shared my perspective of her experience. It’s worth reading Lauren’s story while you’re there.

5. Morris Blazer – Pattern Review

I dabble in a little sewing but I was surprised to see my Morris Blazer as the fifth most popular post. I might have to make another of these for winter, as I’m still dubious about the vertical stripes!

Based on the inter-web stats, that is my top five for the year! Some of my personal favorite ramblings were these:

1. Letter to my future Grandma self

I wrote myself some sage advice for when (if) I become a grandparent. It may or may not be based on my experience with the boy’s grandparents…

2. You’re outnumbered – the transition from two to three kids

Thinking about having a third child, read this first! Here’s a hint, three ain’t easier than two.

3. Tales from the library

Odds things seem to happen to the boys and I at our local library. According to my readers, I’m not being a drama queen, this stuff is weird!

4. Solo parenting does not make me a single parent

It’s not often people thank you for a blog post, but single parents appreciated my acknowledgement that there’s a fundamental difference between being a single parent and occasionally parenting alone. Others felt that solo parenting is still hard work, which of course is very true!

5. Eldest child starting school = Yippee 

Anyone else counting down the days until their child starts school? Some parents are dreading it, others are very keen to wave their child off at the school gate. I’ve a theory that parents of three kids are especially excited for the eldest to trot off to school.

That’s a wrap for 2015. Thank you ever so much, lovely reader, for joining me here at Life on Wallace. I’d love you to keep popping into the blog in 2016!

What exciting things will 2016 bring you?

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the range of your posts Claire, particularly the parenting comments and sewing pattern reviews. I hope you’ve enjoyed writing them as much as I have reading them!

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