Hey hipster, the rules apply to you too!

hey hipster, the rules apply to you too

There’s plenty of hipsters in Sydney. They are easy to spot. Trendy, carefully put together outfits that look effortless, perfectly manicured facial hair, often wearing glasses and riding a bicycle, with a general hip vibe. They hang out at organic, vegan cafes. They shun the mainstream but are generally harmless. Yet some hipsters seem to think that the rules of social etiquette don’t apply to them. But hipster, bad news. The rules apply to you too. You think I’m being unfair on poor hipsters? Read on…

Hipster on a plane

We’re all ready for take off to Townsville, seated next to a hipster couple. Here’s a heads up Mr and Ms Hipster, if you are going to travel on a plane, you need to follow the safety advice. That means you need to put your window shade up for take off and landing. Sliding it down once the air hostess has taken her seat is not acceptable. Why did this bug me? Well, safety first! If the plane crashes I can’t look out the window and work out where we’ve landed. To make it worse, each flight we take with a window seat we need to explain to one of the boys why the window shade stays up. When Mr Hipster blatantly ignores the rule, this mummy looks like a liar. My hardwork in teaching the ‘window shade up’ rule is wasted.

Hipster at the theatre

More accurately, hipster goes to the theatre with a small child and a mobile phone. We’re at the Opera House to see a kid’s performance. The charming hipster seated next to me is there with his partner and two small kids. The youngest isn’t interested in the show. At all. To distract the kid, the hipster whips out his mobile phone and gives it to the child who plays a game on the phone, with the sound turned up real loud. Distractingly so, it’s drowning out the performer’s singing. Not to mention the glow from the screen in a darkened theatre. I give the hipster a look. He laughs and says, better turn that down. Indeed. But then the hipster decides to take selfies of him with the child, in his seat while the show is in full swing. Not only is it annoying for those around him, it’s entirely disrespectful to the people on stage. Plus, I look like a mean Mummy again when I tell the boys that, no, they can’t play with my phone. There are many reasons why phones should be off during a performance. Hipster, put your phone away! Remember the rules apply to you too.

Hipster skips to the front of the line

I get it, hipster, you don’t like to queue. Me either. Your kid likes to queue even less. Mine too. But here’s the thing, the whole form a line and wait your turn applies to you and your kid. You can’t buy a ticket for a pony ride, go and have a bounce on the jumping castle and come back expecting your child to now be at the front of the line. Not how it works, sorry! If someone politely points out that it doesn’t seem to be your child’s turn, because he’s not spent any time in the line, you can’t get cross and swear at that person.

I don’t want to harp on at you Ms Hipster, but it couldn’t possibly have been your child’s turn. You know why I am so sure? Well, you added your son at the front of the line while my eldest son was on the pony and my middle son was patiently waiting his turn. They had joined the line at the same time. Jumping the queue is poor form and it’s particularly obvious when you push in between two brothers! This wasn’t even one of those times where a parent has been left to ‘hold the spot’ either. Maybe I’m precious but surely we all need to wait our turn, hipster included.

I get the hipster need to rebel against the mainstream. But how about the hipsters rally against issues that matter, maybe fight for equal pay for women, or advocate for the better treatment of refuges. You know, those big picture things. But the basic rules of social interaction need to be followed, hipster or not.

Of course it’s not only hipsters who fail to observe the etiquette of daily life. Any hipster driving you wild lately? Do tell!

18 thoughts on “Hey hipster, the rules apply to you too!

  1. Hipsters just annoy me generally … They are the current generation’s yuppy really because most hipsters I know are living in gentrified warehouse conversions, with the most expensive prams and the best of new furniture that is actually designed to look second hand! If you want to look like you are a poor starving student finding themselves donate all your cash you are wasting on your skinny almond & coconut organic soy latte made from hand picked sustainable organic coffee cold pressed over 24hrs powered by the bloke out the back riding the bike to create power to store in the tesla battery! I also get frustrated that they want an organic hand fed ethically killed chicken snitzel burger on a gluten free bun! It is you bloody hipsters that make life really hard for actual coeliac because all chefs think you are having a laugh when you don’t want a gluten free snitzel but do want the gluten free bun! I could gone on but I won’t xoxo

      1. Claire I didn’t realise just how much they annoyed me until I started typing lol and don’t get me started on their bloody clean eating, and green smoothies or wheatgrass shots! I mean seriously if we were meant to eat grass like that we would have two stomachs like cows for proper digestion!

  2. Definitely not only hipsters. It is just respect for other people. I must be getting older because I can’t help but say things now when people do these type of things. I am sure my husband has wanted the ground to eat him up. 😀

    1. Oh yes, there does seem to be an increasing lack of respect! I’m slowly starting to speak up, too many years of biting my tongue makes it a challenge.

  3. Very true Karin there really does seem to be a lack of respect generally. Do you think that is because people also don’t respect themselves either? Or they have such an inflated sense of self importance that they don’t care about others? I am trying to instil a sense of social justice in my kids and I am so glad that we also have great schools that our kids attend that have fantastic social justice programs too so they understand the world doesn’t revolve around them. My hubby and I have a strong sense of community and volunteering as well which hopefully will rub off on the kids … Sorry you didn’t need to hear my bio!

    1. I agree with you Cathy, a sense of justice is very important. I think a great deal of it starts with good old fashioned manners!

  4. That is so rude Hipster! Ive not noticed this myself but I will keep an eye out. After the Oprah concert, after I said goodbye to my friend I went to the car park and queued up forever to pay my ticket. A woman in the crown though she saw me jump the queue – (the lady next to me did) and she went right off. I yelled back I didn’t but the crowd had already judged at that point! I fumbled paying my ticket got out of there and quickly rang my mum. Then I lost my car I was so flustered. Next time I will say “Heeeeeeelll no lady, wasnt me!” haha! ps. she was no hipster, she was a crazy fuddy duddy! lol! xx

  5. I don’t know if I’ve noticed it more in hipsters (going to start paying attention now!), but I so hear you on trying to explain to your kid that they can’t do something when they see someone else breaking the rules and doing it. Come on people – give a parent a break, would ya?!

    1. Absolutely agree. Another thing that bugs me is kids with shoes off in a public playground. First, they could tread on something. Second, I then have to enter into a debate with my kids about why they have to have their shoes on but that other kid doesn’t. Kills me!

  6. That safety thing on planes bugs me! I saw someone hide their phone when the cabin crew came by and then pull it back out again to keep using during take off the other year. So I dobbed them into the cabin crew. Let them glare at me all they bloody want to. It’s a very small rule that is very easy to follow. And I say that as a phone addicted person!!

    1. I know, right Vanessa. It’s a plane, surely the rules are there for a legitimate reason! When it comes to safety we all have to play along.

  7. I had a hipster jump into the car spot I had patiently been waiting for whilst the lady unpacked her shopping and returned her trolley etc. Just because he could get into the spot quicker than me didn’t mean it was his as I had been patiently waiting for it! I hooted at him but it had no effect! Damn that hipster!!!

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