Sweet and simple spring shorts

I know, I know. It’s heading in to winter and here I am blogging about shorts! I made these spring shorts an age ago and wore them all summer. The photos in the post were taken in February, no kidding. Life gets busy and I simply forgot to blog about them. Then I saw a beautiful picture on Instagram of Ada Spragg sporting a gorgeous pair of paper bag spring shorts. While my shorts are not a patch on Sophie’s, I thought snap, I’ve made those too! Sophie commented that the spring shorts pattern is a gem but not many sewers have discovered it. I totally agree that these shorts are a hidden gem. Getting this pattern noticed was my motivation to finally blog about these beauties!

spring shorts life on wallace
I made my first pair of spring shorts out of patterned linen (you might recognise the fabric from my Alice top). I loved the extremely comfy elastic waist so I made another pair for our trip to Indonesia.

Both pairs became a staple of my wardrobe, both in Indonesia and all spring and summer in Australia.

spring shorts by life on wallacespring shorts by life on wallace

Spring shorts – the details

These shorts are super easy to wear and the pockets make them oh so practical. I love anything with pockets! The amazing thing about the spring shorts is that the Pattern Runway pattern is free from Peppermint Magazine. I have to say it’s very impressive for a free pattern. There are lots of cute little details to the shorts, the gently curved hemline and the facing on the hem, and the funky paper bag waist. The shorts are super simple to sew, with really clear instructions. The only thing that tripped me up was the pocket construction. Mr Wallace cleared up my confusion, think I’d had a second glass of wine!

spring shorts front and side

The spring shorts are, indeed, short. If you want a little more leg coverage, it’d be simple to lengthen them. They are also high waisted, which I like but may not be everyone’s style.

spring shorts by life on wallace
spring shorts by life on wallace

What do you think? Are these shorts your kind of thing? Couldn’t resist sneaking in a few pictures from Bali!

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5 thoughts on “Sweet and simple spring shorts

  1. Hi! I love your shorts. I found you – and them – when doing a search for the pattern runway spring shorts. You mention struggling with the pocket construction. Me too! And I’ve not had any wine at all, let alone a second glass. It doesn’t help that the wrong and right side of the fabric are represented by the same colour (white) on the instructions. Would you be so kind as to give me a clue as to how you (or your hubby!) managed to work it out in the end please?

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for your lovely comment. I’ll pull out my pattern and check the notes I made. I’ll also see if I can track down a photo I took of it. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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