My mediocre attempt at Me Made May 2016

Heard of me made May? Unless you’re a sewer it’s probably not on your radar. Me made May is a challenge, largely on Instagram, where you aim to wear a certain number of ‘me made’ items each day. I thought I’d give it a shot this year. My target was to simply wear one me made item each day in May. I’m ashamed to say my first attempt at me made may was mediocre, at best!

I got to May 16 having worn a me made item of clothing each day. Then the wheels fell off! I ran out of clothes and just got tired of wearing the same things. It suddenly got cold. I had to go to work, in the office, wearing a suit. Excuses, excuses. Here’s what Me Made May taught me.

There are some AMAZING sewers out there

Seriously, there are sewers who wear top to toe me made clothes, including their underwear and shoes. And, they uber stylish in the process. I was constantly blown away by the talent of some of the sewers. I can only dream of being that clever. Plus, some people have a real knack for matching fabrics and patterns.

I need more me made work appropriate clothes

me made May 2016
me made May 2016

It’s tough making clothes that I can wear in the office. My sewing threads are for the most part casual. I think it’ll stay that way until my sewing skills are seriously refined!

I need more me made winter clothes

Me made May 2016

My me may wardrobe is largely summer stuff, plenty of summer skirts and tops. As soon as the days started getting colder I began to run out of seasonally appropriate me made items. I plan on remedying this.

Panic sewing is not a good idea

As the middle of May approached it became apparent I was going to fall short of my me made May target. I’d worn my Ruby top twice, two of my Lou Box tops each twice and a skirt I chopped off a dress, twice. I needed new me made items!

I started sewing, or rather, panic sewing. I made a pencil skirt out of fabric I had in my stash and loved. It’s too small. I then tried to salvage the leftover fabric and make another Lou Box Top. The back is great, but the front is ordinary. The moral of this story? Don’t let the pressure of me made May lead to panic sewing!

If you don’t love it, throw it

Maybe it’s because I’m a relative new sewer, but I struggle to get rid of clothes I have made. Even when I don’t love them. It is so darn disappointing, when you’ve spent money on the fabric and pattern and taken time to sew the garment, for it to be a red hot mess. It’s almost like you’re admitting defeat to throw those items away. But I somehow came to my senses during me made May. I’ve decided just because I made something, doesn’t mean I have to keep it. Especially if I don’t wear it.

What I loved about Me Made May

Me made May 2016
Me made May 2016

There were some marvellous things about me made May. The sewing community is hugely supportive and honestly so inspiring. I’ve new patterns to sew and followed lots of very talented sewers on Instagram. The challenge inspired me to hack a dress that I’d made into a skirt. It had been a UFO (unfinished object) for ages and I love the skirt version.

I made two new Lou Box Tops (one fail and one winner), one long sleeved Rushcutter dress, which I love and must blog about, and a Fen dress, that I’m yet to wear but think is kinda funky.

Will I do me made May in 2017? I certainly hope so! This time there will be no panic sewing and hopefully my wardrobe contains more me made winter clothes.

Ever played along with an Instagram challenge? Which one? Did you have fun?

21 thoughts on “My mediocre attempt at Me Made May 2016

  1. I read that as sewer, like where the turtles live and was confused for a minute! Ha! Don’t sell yourself short – they’re fantastic. I’m a non sewer so they look pretty fabulous to me! What you need to say is ‘These are awesome, and I made them!’

    1. Took me a minute to work out what you meant my turtles! Perhaps ‘sewer’ isn’t really a word. Thanks for your lovely comments about my novice sewing, you are very kind Lydia!

  2. That’s super cool! I never sew for myself. I sew, knit, crochet for my kids but I rarely ever make things for myself. I have a skirt half finished and a pair of shirts I quit on when I couldn’t get the fit right and a calico bodice for a dress I never made. 😂 so I’d be pretty chilly in may if I attempted it. But I pretty much did a full year where my daughter wore something I made her daily. It’s so satisfying.

    1. If I’m honest I’d sew less for myself and more for my kids if those kids were girls rather than boys! I’m impressed at how much you sew for your daughter, go you xx

  3. I love seeing your outfits on Instagram – I always think, ooo, I love that skirt, then realise you’ve BLOODY MADE IT. I’m in awe. My only attempt at sewing took place at school, and resulted in a jumper with the hood on the wrong way round. Impractical. Go you!

    1. Now I’m giggling at you wearing a hood on the wrong way round! Thanks Lisa, you’re very kind.

  4. I would love to make an item for myself from scratch but I tend to just revamp old clothes. I think you’ve done an amazing job with all of your me made items! 🙂

    1. Oh yes, the ‘if you don’t love it, throw it’ (or donate it) theory works well for all items of clothing! All the best with the bog move.

  5. Wow! Those are some beautiful clothes! Glad you got to stretch yourself and try new things. Seriously in awe at your amazing outfits and skills! Looking forward to more ‘me made’ clothes from you 🙂

    1. What a lovely comment, thank you! I’m a self taught sewist, there’s plenty of trial and error. My me made items certainly aren’t all gems!

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