A birthday interview with the middle lad!

birthday interview with the middle lad

July is birthday month here on Wallace. That meant it was time for a fourth birthday interview with the middle lad! Perhaps it’s a middle child thing, but he’s a quirky, creative kid, with a great sense of fun and mischief. He’s also a chatterbox! I’ve got a soft spot for that boy. I do worry that that life is tough for him in the middle. Despite that, the middle lad, is so very loved.

Enough of me! Here’s what the middle lad had to say when we did our annual birthday interview.

Our birthday interview

How old are you? Four (holding up 4 fingers).

What makes you happy? My birthday.

What is your favourite animal? Tigers and elephants.

What is your favourite thing to eat? Blueberry and strawberries.

The kid is still fruit bat!

What is your favourite thing to do? I like going to the park with my family.

Aww, what a sweetheart. There was no prompting, promise! Even at the age of four I get a sense that family is very important to the middle lad.

What is your favourite TV show? Go Jetters.

What are you really good at? Lego, because I made that Lego.

He’s moving on from Duplo and is keen to keep up with the biggest lad.

What is your favourite movie? Toy Story, because it’s got Woody in it.

What is your favourite colour? Red and orange.

What is your favourite song? Baa, Baa Black sheep.

Who is your best friend? Zoe, Molly, Douglas and Nicholas. But Zoe and Molly don’t play with me much and that’s why I get sad.

I kind of think he’s making up that last bit!

What do you and Mummy do together? Play and do craft.

The kid would craft all day. Pity I’m not that patient!

What do you and Daddy do together? Go shopping.

Last year he said cuddles. I’m surprised that wasn’t his answer again.

What is your favourite sport? The pie.

This confused me. Then I realised he meant the Magpies, his big brother’s football team.

Where is your favourite place to go? To the jungle.

But we’ve never been to the jungle, I said. To which he said, we went to day. Apparently the Zoo is the jungle.

What is your favourite book? The Smelly Bear (a birthday gift).

What do you want to be when you grow up? Fireman.

Still a fireman, same as last year!

If you fancy, you can read the middle lad’s third birthday interview here.

At the end of his birthday, I said something like ‘give me a cuddle four year old’. To which he said, ‘am I four’? Then an amusing conversation occurred in which he asked ‘are my eyes four? are my arms four? is all of me four?’. I was smiling and saying yes, you are four now. Then later he says to me, ‘was I four at the zoo today’? Isn’t it funny how there little minds work?

I love doing these birthday interviews. It creates some quite, one on one time, on an often busy day. It’s also really fascinating to see how their answers develop over the years. What are your birthday traditions?

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18 thoughts on “A birthday interview with the middle lad!

  1. What a wonderful birthday tradition! It will be so interesting for your son to look back over his interviews in years to come and then share these with his children in time too!

    1. Thanks Ingrid, I can just imagine him telling his four year old son that he wanted to be a fireman when he was four too!

    1. Thanks Jacq! I usually start when my kids turn 3, simply because they don’t have enough words at 2. But whenever you start, it’s a fun annual tradition!

    1. Thanks Denise, it’s definitely a young boy thing! There’s not many people who end up being what they said they wanted to be as a child, so I reckon your safe!

  2. Your middle lad is such a beautiful kid, inside and out. We ask similar questions, not surprising my just turned four year old also wants to be a fireman 😃

  3. Adorable! What four year old boy doesn’t want to be a fireman? It’s a thing here too! And birthdays are really the best days of the year. That is also endorsed strongly here x

    1. Thanks Jo. I hope you and your 6 year old enjoy the interview. I suspect Lego has always been a hit, it’s just wasn’t on our radar as 20 somethings! Maybe?

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