Twins make 7! Life really is like a box of chocolates…

Twins make 7 - Life on Wallace

The universe has thrown us a massive curve ball. I was tossing around the idea of a fourth child. Four kids seemed like a big, yet manageable number. But five, there’s no way I was ever going there. Boy, I was wrong. Twins make 7! That’s right, my fourth pregnancy is TWINS.

No, I am not joking. I am entirely serious. Who in their right mind would joke about having FIVE kids SIX and under?!?

I’m pregnant…

I did the usual pee on a stick and the positive, very dark, result came back within seconds. Turns out there was a reason for that. While it was a welcome surprise, we’d had three kids, we got this. I booked into the birth centre and got a referral for a dating scan. Other than that, Mr Wallace and I barely spoke about the pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, we were excited, but life with three boys is busy. Our attention was focused elsewhere.

With twins!

I rocked off to the dating scan on my own. Mr Wallace was dropping kids off and let’s be frank, there’s not a great deal to see at a dating scan. There was general small talk between the sonographer and I. Then she says the words that I can only describe as LIFE CHANGING. She asks ‘any history of twins in the family’? Simultaneously I say ‘no’ as my eyes dart to the screen in front of me. I’ve no idea what she says next. But even to the untrained eye, I could clearly see two sacs and two little embryos.

I started crying, and asking, probably on repeat ‘are you serious? are you sure?’. I remember the sonographer passing me a box of tissues. Then that mother’s instinct kicked in, and through my sobs I asked her if they babies were ok, whether they were healthy. Two strong heartbeats, all looked great. I was dying to grab my phone and tell Mr Wallace to come back to me. But that wasn’t an option.

Hilariously, the receptionist (who of course had been told it was twins because she had to charge me more money), said ‘twins, congratulations’. Well, that set me off again. I grabbed more tissues as I sobbed, ‘I already have three children’!

This twins make 7 thing is slowly sinking in

My mind is still a buzz with the realities of twins. The practicalities of five kids. We’ll need a new car. People movers are cool, right?!? We may need a new house. It’s almost like becoming new parents again. We’ll need another capsule and cot, and a double pram. Suddenly Mr Wallace and I are chatting about this pregnancy all of the time! Oh, no more going to scans solo either.

Then there’s the more complicated pregnancy and birth. All of a sudden I had to find an OB. There’s the worry about growing two babies and hoping I can carrying them as close as possible to full term. After three natural births, will I need a c-section? After breastfeeding three kids, will I be able to breastfeed twins?

Despite the shock and unknown, twins are exciting. There’s something special about having two babies. I’ve no doubt it’s going to be very hard going. But what an amazing challenge!

We have some news…

We’ve told the boys and it was a beautiful moment. The two oldest boys were laughing and cuddling each other. They were super excited and keep yelling ‘twins’ with delight. The youngest didn’t know what was going on but he was throwing his arms in the air and yelling ‘yay, yay’. At one point the biggest lad counted his brothers and then the two babies and happily declared ‘five kids’. Then he wished it was a school day so he could tell his class mates and teacher. Honestly, it was heartwarming.

It’s been a real blast telling family and friends that we’re pregnant and surprise, it’s twins. It’s like reliving our experience again. People are shocked and in disbelief. We get a lot of ‘are you serious/oh my god/you’re joking’. Followed by happiness and excitement.

I’ve made it through quite possibly the toughest 3 months of my life. I’ve never felt so ‘off’. At the 13 week mark I’m starting to feel marginally improved. I’ve got a bump that rivals the 20 week bump of my first pregnancy. I’m kinda curious to see how big my belly will stretch. The two youngest boys were each 4kg, I was big. I’m guessing this time I’ll be much, much bigger!

If a sonographer ever asks you if there is a history of twins in the family, know this. She is not making polite, idle chit chat. You are about to hear some epic news…

Any advice on twins? Or a big family? Tell me I’ve got this!

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103 thoughts on “Twins make 7! Life really is like a box of chocolates…

  1. Reading this on the way to work this morning nearly made me cry with happiness (lucky I had sunglasses on!) Such fabulous news Claire xxx

  2. Congratulations!! I’m a Mum of twins – though mine are 23 now – twin boys. I had them first (2 years later had a singleton girl) so I was very naive which can be helpful sometimes. You will be having yours with the experience of three babies already under your belt. You will do great! The thing with twins is routine and organisation is vital. Feeding needs to be synchronized so you’re not a human cow feeding all day. I used to hold off one baby until the other was ready and always fed them at the same time. The best way was football style – boomerang pillow on your lap and tuck one under each arm either side. They will end up having their own ‘side’. People movers and vans are uber cool. You absolutely have got this! How exciting! 😉

    1. Oh wow, I love the insight! I’ve heard people can’t handle the tandem feeding, but with three other kids in the house, it’ll have to be the way to go. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    1. I’m sure twins will be an amazing adventure! It’s the five kids thing that I’m really worried about.

  3. Holy cow!!! That is exciting! It’s for this reason that Dave has been so against having a third baby, lol, he’s convinced we’d have twins and he does not want 4 kids! You guys are gonna be great! My husband and I both come from families of 5 kids and we love being in a big family, life is certainly never dull. It may be hard in the beginning but by the end you’ll probably wish you had more, like my Mum does! Congratulations again, wonderful news!

    1. You’re right, with five kids there will never, ever be a dull moment! It’s funny, twins weren’t on my radar, not even a little bit.

  4. Holy moly! Congratulations!! What an epic thing. As a mum of three boys about the same age my head is reeling for you but I have always clung to a little saying an Aunty once told me and that was ‘God only sends you what you can handle’ so you must have this. You must be one capable, loving family who have room for two more little treasures. What a ride it’s going to be x

    1. Holy moly indeed! I’m sure we’ll manage, what other option is there? It sure will be a crazy adventure xx

  5. Congratulations!! I am a Mummy and Step Mummy to 5 and love having a big family. While I have 2 children myself, it was a big adjustment to embrace motherhood to 5, having said that, after the initial teething problems, I really enjoy having a bigger family. There is so much more happiness and love in our family now there are 7 of us. I am sure you will totally rock this!

    1. Thanks ever so much for the insights Nicole! I’m sure I’ll enjoy having a big family, for now I’m just a little overwhelmed.

  6. Congratulations Claire!
    I am a mum to twins too Claire! Are your two Mono/Di or Di/Di? I am guessing that because you didn’t mention it they aren’t mono/mono. My girls were thought to be for most of my pg mono/mono which was super scary.
    You have absolutely got this! I am pretty sure you are in North-West Syd so if you want the details of your local Multiple Birth Club let me know. Honestly meeting other families with twins will really help you to feel normal. The stories I could tell you! Get used to all the well meaning but very silly things that people will say.
    I am so excited for you all.
    Much love xoxo

    1. Of course Kit! How old are your girls now? Our twins have their own sacs and placenta, what’s that called? I’d love to hear some of your stories, it’s all so fascinating! I’m used to odd comments from strangers with three young boys but I expect I’ll get even more now! Thanks for your well wishes xx

  7. Congratulations! I can imagine how big a surprise that would have been for you Claire! That’s one of the reasons we never tried for a 4th – I knew I would probably get more than I bargained for. But you have SO got this and we’ll all be here, cheering you on, all the way x

  8. Wow that is exciting and a little scary! I want to have more kids but my partner is happy with 2 so I think we will be stopping. Take care of yourself.

    1. You are right Anne, it’s both exciting and scary! Two is a great number, I always think people who stop at two are MUCH more sensible than us!

  9. Oh my goodness, how life can take us by surprise! Congratulations x 2. I hear you on all the thoughts going through your head right now but I also see there are many supportive people around you right now too. Thank goodness Amy let you know about the ‘typo’ so I didn’t have to …I wish you well…and that you and said babies stay well!! Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. Life sure can take us by surprise Denyse! You never know what it will throw at you. Thanks for the well wishes xx

  10. Yep you’ve got this. I have identical twin boys and an older daughter. My Ob made a joke about twins when I complained at how sick I was and how tired.. he said – it will be fine, we’ve had lots lately and statistically you won’t be another one.. His face dropped as he looked at the scan…!! We were in shock for a long time but it is wonderful and such a special experience. And I breastfed my boys till 11.5 months – that in the end was easier than some of the other challenges. They’re almost 6 now and life is busy as you’d know with 3 kids. But wouldn’t change it for the world. Get in touch with your local multiple birth association as they were great in those early years in particular. Congratulations!.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence Caroline! It’s wonderful to hear of other people’s experience with twins and it’s refreshing to know that you wouldn’t change it.

  11. Yay! Huge congratulations! My husband is a twin and we have eight sets of twins in the family. My mother-in-law didn’t tell me this though until we’d announced we were pregnant with our first! Every scan I kept asking, “are you sure there’s only one in there?! There isn’t another hiding?” You’ll be fab x

    1. Oh wow Emma! Well I guess if there had been twins you wouldn’t have been hugely surprised?!? Twins will be a real novelty factor in our family xx

  12. My heartfelt congratulations to you and your family! I can completely relate to your feelings of simultaneous excitement and terror-this was me almost 2 years ago, albeit at my 20 week scan (because I didn’t have any earlier scans-have early scans, people!) We’d even brought the 3 older girls with us to the scan (who were then 5, 3 and 1), so my husband had to usher them off to a cafe when we realised the scan would take twice as long as we thought! I kept repeating, “5. I’m going to have 5 kids,” over and over for the next few days. I hardly had time to be shocked about the twin factor! So we ended up with 5 kids under 6, all girls. Our twins were born naturally, and I am still breastfeeding them, so there is every chance you’ll be able to do those things too if you want to. They are now 18 months old and while life has been intense and relentless since they were born, there is so much that is wonderful about life with 5 little kiddies. You guys will be fine, you’ll find your own ways to manage everyday life, and hopefully those around you will step up as needed. We have been the recipients of much kindness and generosity, even from people who hardly know us. I pray that is your experience too!

    1. Oh WOW Emily! We’ve had such similar experiences. It’s wonderful to read your insights. I think you are absolutely right about finding our own ways to manage everyday life, or our ‘new normal’. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s lovely to hear that there are wonderful parts of life with five kids!

  13. Congratulations! That is super exciting news. I had my suspicions that there was going to be this announcement soon but didn’t expect the double element. Super happy for you! You are one LUCKY girl xxxx

    1. Really? Is that because I’ve been terribly slack and not replied to your email?!? I’m very lucky indeed xx

  14. Like I said on Facebook, two babies is twice as nice! So happy for you all. Seven is my lucky number – seems like it’s yours too!

  15. What an incredible surprise, a big one too! We have 4 kids ranging from 9 down to 9 months and it really isn’t much more work than 2 – BUT we didn’t have twins. You will be right though, 3 boys is plenty of practice 🙂 We found the biggest change for us was having to get new cars.


    1. Yep, I’ve had plenty of practice but strangely the whole twins thing makes me feel like I’m going to be a first time parent again! Thanks for your well wishes Kell xx

  16. OMG Claire!!! That is unbelievable news!! What a lot to get your head around! I can’t believe it and I’m just a reader, I can’t imagine how you are feeling. Good luck with the pregnancy and all your preparations, I look forward to following along. You must announce this on PTA!! Maybe ask Kylie if she can squeeze in this very special announcement xx

  17. You have absolutely got this, Claire! Couldn’t think of a better candidate for a BIG family. I’m so happy for you all. Xxx

    1. Aww, what a lovely comment Lauren. There is something special about bringing two babies into the world and I can’t wait to see their bond.

    1. Thanks Mica, we’re very excited! Although we’re still getting our heads around the logistics of it all.

  18. O M G – congratulations!!! We have already been thinking of number four {even though number three is just 5 weeks off}. My husband has joked that if we have four boys then we should try for a fifth. I feel that if we tried for a fifth, that we would even up with twin boys and have a total of six boys 5 and under. I had never thought about our fourth pregnancy being twins. Amazing, but I am sure overwhelming news… but you’ve got this Mama!

    1. Thanks Shari! I too was already thinking of the fourth while pregnant with the third. It just never even crossed my mind that four would become five! All the best with the arrival of your number 3 xx

  19. OMG, that’s big news! Twins really are a lot of laughs, and they’re you’re 4th and 5th which means you know what you’re doing so it should be easier than if they were first babies in the family. But hard work! Mine are 10 now and still bickering… I had two big boys and then twins so was always keen to know if one or two were girls… one was, not that it would have mattered really. She has to be a tough wee soul.

    Best of luck with this pregnancy… I’d say ‘take it easy’… but you’ve got three boys!

    1. Thanks Seana, it sure is big news! I’m hoping that being my fourth and fifth, it’ll be less of a learning curve. But there still seems to be so much to learn about twins! We’ll find out if these babies are boys or girls, but as you say, it won’t really matter. I wish I could take it easy, but you’ve hit the nail on the head. THREE BOYS!!

  20. How wonderful! But I can so understand how the initial shock would have had you reeling! My mum was a twin and when we decided to go for a second baby I was so worried it may go that way too. When we found out it was only one, I was relieved…but then disappointed. For twins are truly magical and hey, if you already have 3, you might as well do it properly and stick with another odd number. I assume you’ve already decided you won’t be trying for a 6th?! Good luck in your pregnancy and I look forward to seeing how the story unfolds 🙂

  21. Congrats Claire – I was told along the blogging grapevine that you too are expecting twins. Congrats! I am 21 weeks at the moment, how far along are you!? I am growing at a rapid pace!! I had to giggle, as a first time Mum I have no idea what to expect, for you though, it will be so different being able to compare to a singleton pregnancy! Best of luck and I look forward to following your journey 🙂 xx

  22. Holy Moly! Good luck! 😀 My wife was “at risk” for twins. Her dad is a twin and his twin sister had twins. She also has a cousin on her mom’s side who had twins. I thought for sure after our first son was born and we had decided that we only wanted 2 that our second would come with clone. I had this feeling that since we only wanted two, we’d end up with three anyway. Thankfully, our second born was not a twin and we have two boys. My brother in law, though, has 4. You’ve got a basketball team 😉

    1. It seems amazing you didn’t have twins! I, on the other hand, have no twins at all in the family, hence the total shock!

  23. Oh big congrats to you! I have three and I always have this feeling I’d end u with twins if I went for 4! My great grandmother’s 4th pregnancy was twins, I also have twin brothers, My nan is a twin, my other great grandmother had twins and my husbands Great grandma was a twin. We don’t have room for any more kids but if I did I’d totally go for it! Sarah #FabFridayPost

    1. Oh wow Sarah, it sounds like you might be right about your fourth pregnancy being twins. There are no twins anywhere in our family so it was a huge shock for us.

  24. Wow! This is phenomenal! Congratulations! My OH came from sets of girls twin. There was no boys twin. So funny. I think twins are fascinating. I did wish I had twins too. I am so excited for you! 🙂 Please do keep us up to date. xx

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost

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