Five ways to love the job you’re in

five ways to love the job you're in

Just whistle while you hum a merry tune! Let’s be honest, I don’t trot off to work humming a merry tune. Work is often a drag and I doubt I’m alone.

I’ve had phases of really struggling with my job. There were places I’d rather be. Things I’d prefer to be doing. Yet, there are bills to pay. Walking away from my job wasn’t an option. I decided I had to change my mindset and embrace my job for what it is.

Here’s five ways to love the job you’re in.

Focus on the good bits

It’s easy to focus on the crappy parts of your job. The internal politics, the cranky boss, feeling under appreciated, the day to day frustrations of work. I realised I had to change what I could control, and a massive part of that was my attitude. Instead of making a mental list of things I hated, I started thinking about the things that worked for me.

A huge benefit of my role is the ability to work part time. Occasionally I can work from home. Not all workplaces are as flexible. For you it might be your great colleagues or clients, or the location of your work. Maybe it’s the ‘bigger picture’ stuff and the role you play in achieving those goals.

Shake it up

The routine of a 9 – 5 job can be monotonous. Making even small changes can really help alleviate the boredom. If you pop out for a coffee in the morning, try an alternate place. Is there new or different work you can put your hand up for? Can you re-order they way you do your tasks? It doesn’t have to be a revolutionary change.

Tweak the way you travel to work

I changed the way I walk from the train station to the office. Simple, but now I walk past a florist that always has gorgeous flowers. I gaze at the displays in the windows of trendy shops. My short walk to work is now much more pleasant, so I arrive in the office in a brighter mood.

If you catch public transport, can you off at a different stop? If you walk to work, mix up your route. If you drive to work, try parking somewhere different. It’s a simple change, but hey, a change is as good as a holiday!

Escape from the office

I’m terrible at eating lunch at my desk. Ridiculous really, I work in such a beautiful city. It’s not always possible but I’m making a conscious effort to escape the office for some fresh air! It does wonders for productivity.

Occasionally my colleagues take a stroll around the block to clear their heads. Some teams do ‘walking meetings’. It won’t take off in my team, but I love the concept!

Make it pretty

You spend a lot of time each day at your desk. Why not take the time to make your work environment pretty? Put a plant on your desk. Display some of your child’s art. Frame some photos of the people or places you love and give them pride of place on your desk. Adding some personality to your work space makes it your own. If your work space looks gorgeous perhaps you won’t resent being there!

If you really can’t find a way to love the job you’re in, plan your exit strategy. Think about what you want in your next job and work out what you need to do to make it happen. My current exit strategy perhaps isn’t the wisest!

What are your tips on how to love the job you’re in?

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25 thoughts on “Five ways to love the job you’re in

  1. Attitude is everything. I spent the better part of my uni years as a waiter at a 5 star hotel’s function rooms. It was rather hellish BUT the people I worked with were awesome and we made it good. I’ve always known that that’s how you get through a day at the factory.

  2. Hi there, good tips… getting out of the office is so good. Have to say my office stints in the past 20 years haven’t been frequent but I am no good at sitting at desks all day. Do love to work from home. But I do miss being around people and that’s what I really have enjoyed when working part-time in offices. Focus on the positive people too is key.

    1. Stepping out of the office and getting some sun and fresh air is so great for your mood. I like being around people at work too, the lack of people is the downside of working from home.

    1. Thanks Michelle, yep, I decided it was all about my attitude and the only person who could change my attitude was me!

  3. For years I HATED my job with a passion, always said the best part was payday. I realised this was a very unhealthy attitude around the same time I figured out just how many years of work I have left so decided something had to change. I decided to be one more involved, to contribute more, rather than hanging back and letting others do it, thinking that as a part-timer it was easier. Now that I do more I’m busier (my days just fly by!) but more importantly I’m enjoying work much more.

    1. Absolutely Lisa, it’s better to be busy than bored. And you are right, the more you put in to work, the more you get out of it (other than just the pay packet)!

    1. Greenery in a bland office makes it seem so much brighter, as does a happy smiley photo. Great to hear you love your current job!

  4. I have started buying flowers for myself at work and it is such a mood lift! We have also started a book club and weekly walks at lunch. It has really improved the culture. I also find making my commute meaningful like meditating and listening to podcasts helps!

    1. What a great idea. And lets face it, you probably get to enjoy the flowers more at work than if they were at home!

  5. Great tips – I know, because I used them all to keep myself going in a job that had lost its lustre (mainly due to a crappy boss) over the years. I particularly focused on the positives. Anyway, long story short, I was made redundant in 2012 and although it was a shock at the time, they did me a massive favour. I now have my own business working from home and I love it!!!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT X

    1. Thanks Janet, I’m pleased the tips have worked for you in the past. It’s also great to know that being made redundant ended up being a positive for you!

  6. I agree with definitely getting out of the office. It clears my headspace as my office is a shoe box. Great ideas to try and mix it up a bit. And it is definitely nice being able to work from home once in a while. 🙂

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