Pregnant with twins? Welcome to the worst hangover of your life!

pregnant wth twins first trimester

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins. Josh Billings

Who knew that being pregnant with twins was so dramatically different from a singleton? Not me! After having had three sons, I thought I knew most things about pregnancy. Now I know that a twin pregnancy ain’t the same as a singleton, it’s much tougher. Of course, a singleton pregnancy is no walk in the park. Clearly growing an entire person is hard work.

Here’s how things roll in the first trimester when you’re pregnant with twins. Imagine the worst and longest hangover of your life. Triple those crappy feelings. Now you’re getting the gist. I’ll say this from the get go. This shit is about to get real.

Pleased to meet you, morning sickness

Standard morning sickness is rotten. Morning sickness with twins is next level. Actually, who am I kidding. There’s no morning sickness with a twin pregnancy. It is All. Day. Sickness. The waves of nausea keep rolling in. The extra hormones really do kick you in the butt.

If you are pregnant with twins, avoid public places where random wafts of smells will leave you heaving in the gutter. Like the smell of eggs from a cafe. Don’t catch public transport, someone might decide to eat Chinese takeaway and you’ll be emptying your handbag to puke into. If you are feeling tired, beware, a flood of nausea will overtake you. Don’t lift the lid on the toilet to flush a tissue, you’ll be flushing again once you’ve finished chucking. You might even end up on anti-nausea meds. Living the high life.

Tired. Oh so tired.

You’re body is working hard in any pregnancy. But oh my word, you’ve never known tiredness until you’ve had a twin pregnancy. Maybe in the first trimester of a singleton pregnancy you’d trot off to bed early. When you are pregnant with twins you won’t even utter the words ‘going to bed early’. You’ll plonk yourself on the couch and be asleep within seconds.

The simplest things will exhaust you. You’ll find your eyes getting heavy when you’re in the shower. Doing the most basic chore will wear you out. You’ll wonder whether it’s physically possible to keep going. When you wake in the morning your overwhelming feeling is that you need to sleep for days. The exhaustion is undeniable and it is awful.

Keep that stinking food away from me!

Perhaps it’s the heightened sense of smell, or the nausea, but a twin pregnancy creates full on food aversions. That regular coffee a day? Nope, can’t even handle the thought of it! Those sneaking Tim Tams at night? Not a chance! An open block of chocolate left on the bench will send shivers down your spine.

The flip side, you’ll crave food to the point where you can’t banish the thought from your mind. The food you are craving is the ONLY thing you want to eat. Take tangelos, as a random example. Maybe your husband couldn’t find tangelos in Coles. You’ll send him on a mission to find tangelos, with instructions not to return until he finds them. Then you’ll gobble them down like they are the greatest thing you have ever eaten.

You’re brain goes into overdrive

Finding out you’re pregnant, with twins, is an emotional time. Like, how the hell did THAT happen? One moment you’ll be totally freaking out about it. The next you’ll be paranoid about the health of the babies. You’ll be obsessed with seeing both those little heart beats at scans. Filled with worry about how early they might be born and whether those two little babies will be healthy.

There will be moments where you wonder how on earth you will care for two newborns. How you’ll afford two babies and all the extra stuff you suddenly need. Including a car to fit your soon to be large family. You’ll contemplate buying the biggest washing machine on the market.

You’ll also have irrational jealousy of those with a singleton pregnancy. It seems so unfair that you suddenly have a high risk pregnancy. Pregnancy for those with singletons seems so relatively simple and straightforward. Totally ridiculous and illogical, but real. Blame those pesky, double dose, pregnant with twin hormones.

Are you a twin mum? Was your first trimester a god awful experience?

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35 thoughts on “Pregnant with twins? Welcome to the worst hangover of your life!

  1. Congratulations Claire! I’m a twin mum but mine are nearly 24 years of age now (boys)! The first 16 weeks I was very, very, very sick. It was wonderful when the sickness eased off but then came the heartburn and reflux. I got HUGE with the boys. Lucky for me they were my first babies and I was very naive and knew no different. When I had my singleton daughter just over 2 years later and it all seemed so easy, I realised what a huge job having twins really was. It’s a joy though. You have so much fun ahead of you! 🙂 x

  2. Congratulations Claire!
    I am also a mum to twins I have id twin girls. My pregnancy can only be described as a slow decent into hell. But in saying that I don’t do pregnancy very well at all. My singleton pregnancy was only better in the sense that there was only one baby!
    My twins were babies 2 & 3 for us. It turned our world on its head!
    Like Min said it is tough but honestly it is the best joy ever. You will get so many silly questions and comments you will get very practiced at the smile and nod and move on very quickly.
    My girls are 11 now.
    Big hugs xoxo

  3. I didn’t know! Congrats to you!!! I can’t even imagine a double-up pregnancy, but I was there for my sister going through it and I’ve seen first hand what an exhausting exercise it is. Best to you. x

  4. Oh man, my husband just read that you were pregnant with twins and thinks that I should go onto contraception after number three is born. I know he’ll come back around to the fourth – I mean, it’s more his idea then mine most of the time. But now I’m getting a little worried.

  5. Hi Claire – I can’t comment on the twins aspect (congratulations again!) but in terms of them being potentially premature, I know about! Rest assured that NICUs are well used to twins and when Eloise was in the NICU I saw lots of very premature twins do really well together and thrive/grow. Its a hard tough journey through the NICU but if that happens to your babies (and I’m sure it won’t) just know that it will be ok. And at least you can potentially prepare for it mentally now. I wonder if your obstetrician might agree to a tour of the NICU first, just in case? When I found out I was going to have Eloise early doing that really helped prepare me for things to come. Take care xxx

    1. Thanks Linda, I am a little worried about the twins ending up in NICU. Your comment is very reassuring, think I may ask about a brief tour when things progress further. Great tip xx

  6. My first trimester sounds pretty much the same and I only have one {unless another one suddenly appears at the next scan in a week}. I’m still so sick and I want to fall asleep by 4pm each day but then I’m awake until midnight or 1am because I cant get to sleep thanks to restless leg syndrome. Argh its all so frustrating.

    1. A single pregnancy sure is hard, the twinnies make it tougher! It looks like they will be fraternal, we’ll see though.

  7. My first two trimesters with both boys sounds a lot like yours. Nauseous and exhausting! But luckily this time around, I had the support of my in-laws, who we are living with (that comes with pros and cons… but atm I’m looking at the pros). I hope you have support during the tough times and get through the next hump without too many issues!!

  8. Wow Claire! All this AND three boys! You are amazing. Looking forward to continuing to follow your pregnancy story, I hope the sickness gets better for you and you get some energy back in your second trimester. Xx

  9. Wow – what an experience! I can’t imagine, but I know it was harder the second time so I’m guessing multiplying by goodness knows how much. Hopefully it eases off at some stage – best wishes for the pregnancy and what comes next!

  10. Yes! It was awful and I hate to tell you it got progressively harder! It made being prego with one seem like a breeze (and I had rough pregnancies with both my singletons too) I couldn’t walk after about 34 weeks – could fit behind the steering wheel to drive after 32 weeks! Wow what a journey your body goes through to grow 2 humans!

    1. Oh Bec, that sounds really full on! So far the second trimester is treating me much better, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts xx

  11. I feel like I wrote this Claire! The tiredness was unbelievable and many times I had to ditch my trolley in the supermarket at just the sight of food hehe… I still can’t feed my dog, the food makes me want to be sick. Hubby has officially taken over the role now! Mine stopped around 18 weeks thankfully. Still tired though, I don’t think that is going to change though, now I am up peeing every few hrs of the night!!

    1. Wow Ashlea, such similar experiences. I’m now 20 weeks, the tiredness remains but the nausea has largely passed. Can’t wait to hear the news of your twins safe arrival xx

  12. What a trooper!! Being such an awesome mum already and totally aware of how this baby gig goes, you’ll sail through it for sure. No good about the morning sickness/hangover feels though. Maybe a tangelo mocktail would ease the pain 😉 #teamIBOT xx

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