The Wallace Twin Gender Reveal

twin gender reveal

Is the suspense killing you? The wait is over. It’s time for the Wallace Twin Gender Reveal! Will the twins be one boy and one girl, two girls or two boys? Not two of each as I accidentally say in all the excitement!

Twin Gender Reveal

Here’s how we revealed the gender of the twins to our three lads. Before this, they had no idea. Watch the video and all will be revealed!

What do you think? I was blown away when we found out.

The big scan

The gender of each of the boys was a surprise at their brith. This time around we figured we’d had enough surprises already.

The scan was amazing. The twins are growing and are both healthy and strong. It’s fascinating seeing two babies! During the scan the sonographer might be checking twin B and suddenly twin A’s foot or hand would pop in to view. It’s such an amazing thing to watch. At one stage during both babies feet were next to each others and we could clearly count all TWENTY toes.

But, back to the twin gender reveal. After doing all the important stuff, the sonographer told us that twin A was a girl. Mr Wallace and I exchanged smiles, what lovely news! Then it was time to find out whether twin B was a boy or girl. I’ve no idea why, but the excitement and the emotion really kicked in when the sonographer said ‘congratulations, another girl’. I cried, actually, I sobbed. There were tears of joy and tears of relief and tears of utter shock, again! Having never cried before at a scan, I’ve been a total wreck with this pregnancy.

wallace twin gender reveal

Two girls!

The pregnancy has been a huge roller coaster of emotions. First there was the total surprise of finding out we were pregnant with twins. Then, once the double hormones struck, came the struggle of the first trimester.  Finding out the twins are two girls was amazing, and another massive surprise. I was convinced my body only made boy babies!

Of course, we would have welcomed and loved the twins regardless of their gender. Yet I can’t deny that twin girls is exciting. There will almost be a gender balance in our house. Mr Wallace will get to experience being a father to daughters. I’ll be able to sew all the pretty things for little girls. The boys will have sisters! The twins will grow up with three big brothers. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I feel incredibly lucky, and dare I say, blessed, to be having two daughters.

Now I need to get my head around parenting (a) twins (b) girls and (c) five kids!

Two girls, can you believe it?

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74 thoughts on “The Wallace Twin Gender Reveal

          1. Claire, just because there are two placentas and two sacs (assuming that is the case because you are being told they look like fraternal) 30% of all same sex “fraternal” twins end up being identical. I have at least a doz friends who were adamant that their twins were fraternal, only to discover that on DNA testing this isn’t the case. The only way to know 100% for sure is a DNA test xoxo

          2. Oh my gosh Cat, YES! That is exactly what I keep saying to people and I get told ‘no, they are fraternal if they have their own sacs and placentas’. To which I reply, but there’s still a 30% chance the egg split, in which case they are identical. I’ve also said to be sure we’ll need to do a DNA test, but mostly people seem to think I am making things up! Thanks for your comment, it’s very affirming xx

          3. Claire “people” can be funny at times. I was never ever asked once if my son was IVF but anytime I went out in public with my twins I was asked every single time!! I think “people” like to say something to show they know something about multiple births. You aren’t making things up. Even if they look different to you they could still be identical xox

          4. I’ve not been asked the IVF thing yet, I think people assume no one would be crazy enough to do that! But no doubt I’ll get it soon enough!

  1. LOVE the video and the boys’ excitement!!!

    And a very big congratulations on two girls, will be lovely to have some balance 🙂

    C’mon girls!

    1. Thanks Haidee, I thought it would be boys two, that’s why I was so surprised! And yes, I am still working out how on earth one parent’s girls xx

  2. Congratulations !! I just love this video and how excited your boys were when they found out they are having two sisters. Five is a great number. We love having our five together and now with partners (the older 3) it is so much fun . X

    1. Thank you, I was overwhelmed at the thought of having such a large family. But I do think it will wonderful and busy!

  3. I definitely have something in my eye! I think I was as excited watching your boys open the boxes as they were opening them! I’m so happy for you – two babies is exciting whatever the gender – but I love that your two girls will address the gender balance in the Wallace household! Woot!

    1. Thanks Amy, it’ll be great to balance things out a little and for the boys to have more female influences in their lives.

  4. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I am so happy for you guys. Now your hair braiding skills won’t go to waste . Congratulations! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Oh yay I’m so excited for you Claire! I totally cried watching the video. I can’t wait for our own scan in 3 weeks, I’m dying to know what we’re having. We didn’t do a big gender reveal with bub, but I’m thinking of doing one this time because I know it’ll be exciting for her.

    1. Aww, thanks Toni and sorry to make you cry! Can’t wait to hear what you’re having. We’ve never done a gender reveal before, but that’s because we don’t normally find out the gender. This time we thought it’d be fun to get the boys involved. Good luck with your scan and keep me posted xx

    1. Thanks Kylie, I am really looking forward to experiencing parenting both genders! I really only thought I’d be a mum of boys.

  6. “We have girls” what a classic line young lad #1! How exciting a couple of girls to equal out the family is super and to think they will have 3 big brothers! that’s the ultimate in fun

    1. Thanks Michelle, his teacher had told him we’d almost have a football team if we had two boys! I was relieved when he was happy about the girls!

  7. Oh my word I am so so so happy for you! I would have been equally delighted for you either way of course! Baby girls are so so much fun too though and it’s so lovely that you’ll get to experience both. Ahhh how exciting! x x

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