Playskool Heroes – a toy review by the Wallace boys

Playskool Heroes Toy Review

There’s no denying that kids love super heroes. My biggest lad is a huge Spiderman fan and the middle lad loves ‘Hulk smash’. Ironic, because he’s a skinny kid. The littlest lad is happy doing superhero moves and making ‘ka-pow’ sounds.

The challenge is to find superhero toys that are suitable for 6, 4 and 2 year olds. We need toys that aren’t too complex for the littlest lad but are ‘cool’ enough for the biggest lad. Enter the Playskool Heroes range, offering ‘big boy brands for little boy hands’. Of course, there’s no rule stopping little girls from loving super heroes!

The Marvel Super Hero Adventures packs contain two little figures and the boys loved having two superheroes, one for each hand! The figures are solid and sturdy for rough play and fit perfectly into little hands. With a little gang of superheroes their imaginations can run wild. There’s always a baddie to catch and animated chats about whose superhero is the strongest or fastest. One morning I found Spiderman and Venom hanging from the blind cords.

What did the boys think of the Playskool Heroes?

The biggest lad tells me he likes Spiderman because he shoots webs and the baddie (Venom) because he shoots deadly venom. He also said he likes that you can move the arms and legs of the superheroes.

The middle lad said he likes Hulk beacuse he’s fat and the baddie (Loki) because he’s got a cape!

When I asked the middle lad if he liked his superhero toys he struck a flying post and said ‘me Iron Man’. I’ll take that as a seal of approval.

I’m terribly unorganised for Christmas this year. Life has been frantic and being pregnant with twins makes things tough. I do have one thing for the boys stockings in mind, more of the Playskool Heroes range! The Marvel Super Hero packs are a perfect size for kid’s stockings. I’ll be checking out the Transformers Rescue Bots too.

Are there little people in your life who’d love playing with toys from the Playskool Heroes range?

With thanks to Hasbro for providing me with items from the Playskool Heroes range to review. I have not been paid for this post and these are my own, honest opinions.

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5 thoughts on “Playskool Heroes – a toy review by the Wallace boys

  1. These remind me of the WWF wrestler ‘dolls’ my brother used to play with. He would get very animated with them. I think my girls would definitely love these too. #teamIBOT

  2. My smallest boy has some of these and he LOVES them!
    I love that they are small enough to chuck in my bag so he has something to play with when we are waiting at the Drs or at a resteraunt etc.

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