Escape to Everywhere – 7+ simple Book Week costumes

Escape to Everywhere is the 2017 Book Week theme. I’m scrambling to come up with two book week costumes to fit the theme. Why, oh why, do schools give parents such short notice for the costume parade?

We sat down in front of the boy’s bookshelf and pulled out books that fit the Escape to Everywhere theme. Here are some of our costume ideas.

7+ simple ‘Escape to Everywhere’ costumes

Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Escape to Everywhere book week costumes

Dress as Max! Deck your kid in white, throw on a crown and you’re done. If your feeling ambitious you could even make a gold felt crown and glue some fur around the rim. A fur tail would be a lovely finishing touch.

Imagine by Alison Lester

Escape to Everywhere book week costumes

There’s so many simple options from this whimsical Alison Lester book. The best bit, most of the costumes can be made from regular clothes. There are a jungle explorers, scuba divers, arctic adventurers, farmers, people on safari, and campers.

A Lion in the Night by Pamela Allen

Escape to Everywhere book week costumes

A Lion in the Night is a wild chase that takes the Queen, the King, the Admiral, the Captain, the General, the Sergeant and even a dog through the night. Raid your dress up box for lion, queen, king, admiral, captain, general or sergeant costumes.

Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne

Escape to Everywhere book week costumes

Dress as Christopher Robin! It’s a simple outfit of blue shorts and a yellow shirt, with white socks. I’m thinking a blue balloon and a teddy with a red t-shirt would add to the overall look. Of course that’s entirely optional.

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson

Escape to Everywhere book week costumes

A witch costume is reasonably straight forward to find. A long (ginger) plait, under a black hat would be a perfect finishing touch. If you were feeling enthusiastic you could add a toy cat, dog, bird, and frog to the broomstick.

Dinosaur Farm by Frann Presston-Gannon

As the title suggests, this is a book about a farmer whose animals are dinosaurs. I think a farmer’s outfit (jeans, boots, checked shirt, hat) and a toy dinosaur would make a super cute costume.

Other ideas

There’s plenty of costumes that fit the ‘Escape to Everywhere’ theme that don’t hail from a specific book. Dragons (think Zog), dinosaurs, fairies, kings, queens and pirates all have an sense of escapism. It wouldn’t require much thought to find a book that fits your costume idea!

As I mentioned last year, if the book that inspired the costume isn’t obvious, your child can take a copy of the book to school.

We’re still in costume negotiations here. The biggest lad has visions of himself dressed as a whale with a snail on his back ‘The snail and the whale’ style. The middle lad is determined to be a dinosaur. The problem is our dinosaur costume is a tad small! Mr Wallace can’t get past Tin Tin.

What is your child wearing in the book week parade? Does your school use the book week theme?

4 thoughts on “Escape to Everywhere – 7+ simple Book Week costumes

  1. Erin is going as Thea the Thursday Fairy from Daisy Meadows book of the same name. With several hundred in the series, its pretty easy to find a fairy whose clothes you have in the wardrobe. I’m sure your girls will read them when they are older. Erin is obsessed with them 😆

  2. We’ve got a gruffalo and a pippi longstockings at our place – no need to follow the theme when you’re at childcare. My husband is at home making a cardboard big bag mouse and horse (for pippi) today 👌

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