A third birthday interview with the little lad!

third birthday interview

The little lad is three. I have to say, I find three year olds hard work! Partly because three year olds never seem to stop talking. It’s at the age of three, with the development of language, that I start our birthday interviews. The little lad was a great sport during his birthday interview. I thought we’d need to do it in two sessions to keep him interested. But he managed to stay focused!

Here’s the little lad’s first birthday interview, at the age of three.

Third birthday interview

How old are you? Three!

As he holds up three fingers.

What makes you happy? Poppy.

Poppy had been visiting for the first time in a long time!

What is your favourite animal? Elephant [with trunk actions], and a tiger and giraffe.

What is your favourite thing to eat? Popcorn and Sakatas [the crackers]. And apple. Cut up.

Of course the apples is cut up, because he’s 3.

What is your favourite thing to do? [following interjection from his older brother] make booby traps! Then he said ‘Silly you, not me talking’. We tried again. ‘Go at shops, go at acorn park and go at scooter ride’.

What is your favourite TV show? Nee naw and Peppa.

Classic three year old stuff. Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig!

What are you really good at? Watching nee naw and play at games.

What is your favourite movie? Paw Patrol movie.

What is your favourite colour? Yellow and green and blue.

What is your favourite song? If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands.

I think that was his answer. There was also mumblings about nee naw.

Who is your best friend? Abe, Aidan and little Theo.

What do you and Mummy do together? We do a pirate puzzle, Logan give it to me.

What do you and Daddy do together? Go to sleep.

He likes his Daddy to lay next to him at night to get to sleep at night.

What is your favourite sport? Soccer.

Where is your favourite place to go? Acorn Park and going at other parks.

What is your favourite book? Nee Naw.

There’s a trend here!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Nee naw man and put out fires. Real fires!

Happy Birthday littlest lad

The little lad is a fiery kid (no pun intended). He can throw a nasty tantrum and hates to compromise. Yet he gives the best cuddles and has the most beautiful laugh. He’s technically the middle child in our family now, but I think I’ll always have a soft spot for him as my youngest boy.

There’s some similarities with the middle lad’s third birthday interview. When he was three he wanted to be a fireman too!

Does every kid have a fire engine obsession at the age of three?

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11 thoughts on “A third birthday interview with the little lad!

  1. He’s a gorgeous boy ❤️ And yep, both mine loved all things Fireman Sam and fire engine related at that she, hence our big collection of such toys! And also yep, three year olds are HARD work xx

  2. I adore these interviews, I so wish I had stumbled on the idea when my kids were little. Now they are 21, 16, 15, 14 and 12, I don’t think they would want to play. xx

    1. It’s not just Fireman Sam that is nee naw! Confusingly fire engines, firemen, anything fire related is called ‘nee naw’.

  3. So cute – you’ve got a threenager in the house! These interviews are such a lovely idea and will be such treasured memories to look back on.

    1. We do indeed! I hope that as they get older the interviews are a nice little snap shot of ‘life at 3’ or ‘life at 5’ etc.

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