Fancy seeing you here!

Welcome to life on Wallace and my very first blog post! I’m Claire, the only lady in our family of five. This is my blog about the happenings of our life.

The Wallace Neighbourhood
The Wallace Neighbourhood

In late 2014 we moved to a cottage on Wallace Street. Of course, we lumped ourselves with an inevitably big mortgage. A mortgage is bitter sweet. I’m very grateful to be a home owner (let’s be frank, the house belongs to the bank). But, we’ve had to start thinking about money. I’m not financially savvy or frugal by nature. I’m a spender. Mr Wallace, bless him, is a saver. I want to use this little spot on the internet to impose some spending constraints on myself. And that my readers (a girl can dream) will help to keep me accountable.

I’m hoping this blog will grow organically, that parts of my life will be interesting enough to share. You’ll read about my crazy concepts for saving money, sewing highs and lows, the odd spot about parenting three boys under five and our family explorations.

Fishing on Lake Macquarie
Fishing on Lake Macquarie

Let’s see how we go, I’d love you to tag along. I’d also love to hear your story, shoot me an email if you fancy at



5 thoughts on “Fancy seeing you here!

  1. Congrats on the new blog Claire. I look forward to reading your insights. I look forward to reading your crazy concepts for saving money…. maternity leave and the expenses of a big city also has us living more frugally at the moment.

    1. Thanks Michelle. I know exactly what you mean, maternity leave (take 3) in an expensive big city is tough for the bank balance!

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