St Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

Simple St Patrick's Day cupcakes

Mr Wallace casually asked me yesterday if we had the ingredients to make cupcakes. From past experience, I knew where this was going. He thought he’d take some cupcakes to work for morning tea. Of course, he assumed I’d be making them. I’m not a total pushover and was contemplating other ways he could cater for this impromptu morning tea. Then he mentioned that it was St Patrick’s Day. That was his hook. I can’t resist a decorating opportunity.

Supplies for the St Patrick's Day cupcakes
Supplies for the cupcakes

I sent him off to the shops to source supplies for St Patrick’s Day cupcakes. Cupcake mix and spearmint leaves. No, I didn’t make the cupcakes from scratch! Shameful I know, but still tasty. I don’t pass them off as my own.

A drop of green food colouring in the icing, some spearmint leaves roughly cut into hearts for four leaf clovers and hey presto, St Patrick’s Day cupcakes! Mr Wallace used the kitchen scissors to cut the spearmint leaves. Simple and effective. Let’s hope the ladies at Mr Wallace’s office enjoy.

Simple St Patrick's Day cupcakes
Spearmint four leaf clover cupcake

Two technical notes. When I pour the mixture into each patty pan I weigh them so that each contains 40 grams. Pedantic, yes! But they all end up basically the same size. In terms of decorating, we had one packet of 200g spearmint leaves. Each four leaf clover needed four spearmint leaves. This meant we only had enough to decorate nine St Patrick’s day cupcakes. Not a problem today as Mr Wallace works in a small office. If you wanted to decorate 12 St Patrick’s day cupcakes you would need another packet of spearmint leaves. The bonus is there are three undecorated cupcakes left for the little lads and I! We all win.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!





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