Hooray for nieces

This week one of my gorgeous nieces turns FOUR! It feels like only yesterday I was doing the dishes in the kitchen of the Forbes Big4 caravan park cabin when I received a call to say Romilly had arrived.

My sister (who is insanely organised) tells me about 6 months ago that she is getting Romilly a toy clothes line for her birthday and asked me to make her a peg apron. I am a huge fan of a peg apron. Maybe it is wishful thinking but I think peg aprons fall into the ‘so daggy it’s cool’ category. For those who have been deprived of first had experience with a peg apron, it’s basically a small apron you tie around your waist and store pegs in for easy access. I’d made one recently for myself, then one each for my parents. My Dad admitted he sometimes wears an actual apron when putting out the washing. This just would not do!

Romilly's Peg Apron
Romilly’s Peg Apron

As an aside, I’m not generally into ‘gendered’ gifts for kids. But at the same time, I subscribe to the ‘mum knows best’ school of thought. If my sister says Romilly would like a peg apron, then a peg apron she shall receive. It’s also lovely to be able to create a unique gift for her.

The details – I made Romilly’s peg basket about three quarters the size of the adult version. I don’t use a particular pattern, I morphed a free pattern on Craftsy and this tutorial.

Peg Apron Child sewing
Happy Washing!

The fabric was from good ‘ol Spotlight. I think it’s rather cute. I do wish I lived closer to the adorable Romilly so I could take some shots of the peg basket in action! Maybe I’ll snap some over Easter.

Happy Birthday Romilly xx




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