Baby shower, bunting and a bib

My dear friend Kat is having her first baby and it’s a boy! Is it just me, or are there babies everywhere at the moment? On Sunday I was lucky enough to go along to a high tea/baby shower for Kat at the rather fancy Boronia Tea Room.

High tea is served!
High tea is served!

I offered to make bunting for the baby shower and then had a rare light bulb moment. The bunting could double as decoration for the shower AND the baby’s room. I’m so clever, right?!? Anyhow, after checking in with Kat I dashed off to Spotlight for fabric. I had my small lads with me so Kat’s little man almost ended up with dinosaur bunting.

21 flags sewn!

For Kat’s bunting I chose three fabrics from the same ‘family’ of colours and purchased 60 cms of each. I made 21 flags which I am hoping fits the baby’s room which measures 3.8m. There’s so many tutorials on how to make bunting, I love this one as it explains everything really well.

Bunting on show at the Boronia Tea Room

The first and only real sewing class I have ever been to was a bunting making course. Bunting has to be one of the simplest things to sew, perfect for a beginner. It’s really just straight stitching. Once you’re done, the end product is lovely.

Baby shower bib
A bib for the baby

Given it was a baby shower, I thought it best to have a little something for Kat to unwrap on the day. I made a sweet little bib for the baby. My smallest lad goes through so many bibs each day, I figure you can never have too many!

The gorgeous mum to be!
The gorgeous mum to be!

I can hardly wait for the arrival of Kat’s little man! Not long now. I’ll have to start thinking about what I can make to welcome him into the world. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bunting looks great! If Kat didn’t get one at her baby shower I suggest Sophie – everyone needs a giraffe to chew on 🙂

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