Hop to Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

The Wallace Folk have safely arrived in Tasmania for a family Easter. I took over the kitchen this afternoon to make easter bunny cupcakes for the little lads and their cousins. My biggest lad asked me why I was making ‘mouse cakes’ but everyone else I surveyed assured me they looked like easter bunnies!

Here’s a brief rundown on how you can create your own Easter bunny cupcakes.

Collect your Easter bunny cupcake supplies. Iced vanilla cupcakes (no kidding?!?), shredded coconut, regular and mini marshmallows, toothpicks, m&ms, liquorice straps, sugar and red food colouring.

Prepare your supplies. Basically, cut some whiskers out of liquorice (6 whiskers for each easter bunny cupcake). Cut the marshmallows in half, they will naturally curl to create an ear shape. Combine a few drops of red food colouring with the sugar and mix to get an even colour. Press the sticky or cut side of each marshmallow half into the sugar mixture to give it the appearance of an ear. I pushed a toothpick into each marshmallow half to make the ear of the easter bunny stand upright. I also cut the mini marshmallows in half purely for aesthetics. Have some red and brown m&ms ready to go. The icing sets quickly so its best to be ready for action.

Easter bunny cupcake ears
The making of the Easter bunny cupcake ears

Then you are all set to start assembling your easter bunny cupcakes. Start with vanilla cupcakes, iced with vanilla icing. Roll the cupcake in shredded coconut. You’ll need to press fairly firmly.

Easter bunny cupcakes step 2 coconut
Step 2 – coat with shredded coconut
easter bunny cupcakes step 4
Step 4 – add the eyes and nose

I then added the easter bunny ears to the cupcakes using a toothpick. My cupcakes weren’t very even, it’s always a challenge cooking in an unfamiliar oven! Anyhow, I put the ears at the higher end of each cupcake. Next, I used a tiny amount of icing on the back of the m&ms to add two brown eyes and one red nose. She is starting to look like an easter bunny cupcake now!

Now, add the mini marshmallow on either side of the red m&m, to make a bunny cheek. Then it’s time to add the whiskers. The whiskers were the trickiest bit, mine were probably a little too thick. You’re all done, easter bunny cupcakes ready to eat!

complete easter bunny cupcakes
A colony of Easter bunny cupcakes

These were far from perfect easter bunnies but they were a hit with Mr Wallace’s very kind family. Tell me, do you think they look like mice or bunnies?

8 thoughts on “Hop to Easter Bunny Cupcakes

  1. They look great Claire, disappointed to miss out. There’s lollies and they’re attractive to the eye so that’s what the kids care about – Mum always said far too much effort goes into the cake when all kids care about is the lollies and icing on top. You didn’t mention all the leftover M&M’s that didn’t get used – a win for the parents?

    1. Well I was going to say that the m&ms were perhaps foolishly left at Liz’s house! Looks like I was right!

  2. The m+m’s were brought in a family sized bag, they were left in the pantry and so I ate them all- just so I could clear the space on the benches, I like clear benches ;-P

    1. I’m glad you ate the m&m’s in the interest of clean benches. Pity they were left in the pantry 😉

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