Time for an Easter Egg hunt

Personalised easter egg baskets

Every kid loves an Easter egg hunt. The bigger our boys get, the more they enjoy the thrill of the chase. Last year the middle guy’s approach to the Easter egg hunt was to locate an egg, plonk down and eat it. I expected fierce competition for the eggs this year but turns out the kids cooperated to find eggs.

easter egg hunt life on wallace
On the hunt
easter egg hunt life on wallace personalised egg baskets
Got one!

I thought it was time to equip the boys with proper egg hunting baskets. The eldest lad and I headed off to Spotlight to track down Easter fabric. He had a after a rather amusing conversation with a sales assistant informing her that we didn’t want Peter Rabbit fabric but something with little rabbits, chickens or easter eggs.

As we’re in Tasmania this year our easter egg hunt was a family affair. So I decided to make five baskets, one for each of our boys and one each for my niece and nephew. This was of course time consuming. Mr Wallace pointed out to me that my time would be better spent packing for the trip. Where is the fun in that?!?

Plenty of room for eggs in these Easter baskets!
Plenty of room for eggs!
personalised easter egg baskets
Four little boys and one little girl!

I used a fabric basket tutorial for the shape of the easter baskets and method for sewing the outer and lining fabrics. I used another tutorial for the handle and construction of the baskets. Joining the handle, outer fabric and lining so they all come out facing the right way certainly tested my spatially challenged mind! To avoid squabbles over whose basket belonged to who, I personalised them with an appliqué letter on each basket. I did this once the outer fabric was sewn but before it was attached to the lining.

Overall I am happy with the result. I perhaps should have used stiffer interfacing so that the handle was firmer. I’m pretty sure that the boys weren’t at all fussed about it! They were all about the actual Easter egg hunt and what was going into the basket.

As an aside, my clever knitting Mum made vests for all the grandkids. They looked very sweet and were warm on a chilly day in Tassie!

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