The week on Wallace

The week on Wallace - High Tea at Gunners Barracks

It’s been a challenging week on Wallace. Mr Wallace needed to replace SEVEN floor boards in our dining room. We had some eager volunteers from Tasmania to help with the TWO DAY job. Let’s just say it didn’t go to plan. Each and every floor board was ripped up and the support beams removed. There was a skip involved and a significant amount of dirt dug out. We had to trudge through the dirt and then teeter over unsecured temporary floor boards. The littlest lad is crawling all over the place and was constantly dirty. To make matters worse, the washing machine broke the day before the building works started. My usual relaxed attitude was no where to be seen. Living with three kids in a partial building site, compete with dirt floor, tested me.

The good news is that we now have a new dining room floor. I’m not quite ready to do a happy dance. It’ll need sanding and polishing and skirting boards reattached. There’s still old timber to be disposed of. Basically, it still has a building site feel, just with less dirt! The bright side is that once we have a new floor it’ll be time for a new dining room table.

The absolute highlight of the week on Wallace was a trip to Gunners Barracks for high tea with the littlest lad and his Grandma. From my very first visit to Gunners Barracks I knew it was a place I had to take Grandma Wallace. Escaping the dirt and noise on Wallace seemed sensible. We had a fabulous time! I had Irish Breakfast tea, perfect if you like your tea strong and Grandma Wallace chose Peppermint tea. The food was absolutely delicious! Lovely attention to detail and perfect portion sizes. I think my favourite were the scones fresh from the oven. The little passionfruit and rhubarb panna cotta were also scrumptious. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Week on Wallace - High Tea at Gunners Barracks
Delicious High Tea at Gunners Barracks

Of course the view is spectacular. I could easily sip tea and take in that view for an entire afternoon! I also have a soft spot for Old English Rose crockery, it’s a little bit fancy. Week on Wallace, the view from Gunners Barracks

The glorious view from Gunners Barracks

High tea was the highlight of my week on Wallace, a lovely treat. Grandma Wallace felt a little guilty relaxing in such beautiful surroundings while Mr Wallace and his team were hard at work. She is clearly a MUCH nicer person than I. My conscious was missing in action.

The hard work with the floor is done, certainly no thanks to me. My plan for next week? Hang up my cranky pants! So tell me, what was the highlight of your week?

5 thoughts on “The week on Wallace

  1. Oooh what kind of table do you have in mind? I’m in love with round tables at the moment!

    Highlight of my week was indulging in some retail therapy to cheer myself up (home alone with yet another sinus infection) and realising I’ve lost enough weight to drop a couple of dress sizes. The result? One gorgeous Veronika Maine dress purchased 🙂

    1. I’m thinking a 10 seater Lise, that way I might be able to leave my sewing machine set up at one end! Well done on the weight loss xx

  2. Oh I know how you feel! We are not doing any renos at the moment but have done LOTS!!! The most recent one involved having no laundry for a couple of months and just a washing machine on the deck. We were also with out a toilet for a day and a night! A quick fix just never quite goes to plan in older houses hey?! 🙁

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