Get chucked challenge – Day 10 update

Here we are, well and truly in to my 30 day get chucked challenge. Much to my amusement there was a slight look of horror on Mr Wallace’s face when he realised that the 30 day get chucked challenge was cumulative. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but purging ourselves of 465 possessions was not it!

I thought it was time for a day 10 update. I’m rather embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve reached day 10 without any struggle. Our house now contains 55 fewer possessions. Unbelievably I don’t think the absence of any of those 55 possessions will ever be noticed!

I won’t bore you with listing each of the 55 items, much of it was  junk. Some of my personal favourite items to be banished include a lovely ceramic vase, that we’ve never used and has been a dust collector. Mr Wallace was typically sentimental about the vase as we got it on a trip to the Blue Mountains pre-kids. But I’m determined to be ruthless! A whole lot of random little toys have quietly disappeared from the house. A Taronga Zoo Calendar from 2012 is now gone. Why did we still have that?!?

Day 10 update
These kind of random toys are taking over!
Day 10 update
The results from day 6

Day 6 was simple. I stood in front of my wardrobe and grabbed the first six items of clothing that either had holes (a shirt and cardigan), didn’t fit (a pair of pj bottoms, two pairs of trousers), and simply didn’t wear (a floral t-shirt). Most of those items went into the donate pile. I’ll absolutely be raiding my wardrobe for more to purge! It’s bursting at the seams and not in a good way.

While the first 10 days of the 30 day get chucked challenge have been relatively simple, the next 20 might get tricker. There are however plenty of cupboards and even rooms that I am yet to tackle. A few people have contacted me and said that they don’t have 465 superfluous possessions. I’m genuinely envious of those lucky people. How do they keep such control over the stuff that accumulates in their home? If you are one of those people who decisively and swiftly deal with excess possessions, please share your wisdom.

If you joined in with the 30 day get chucked challenge, I’d love to hear how it’s going! Will we make it to 465 less possessions?

14 thoughts on “Get chucked challenge – Day 10 update

    1. I’ve no idea where they come from but I am SO glad that my house is not the only one that accumulates random junk!

  1. I did my monthly cull in just one day which was very satisfying. Mind you I took everything down to Vinnies and the boys found a number of toys they wanted to buy so we didn’t quite come back empty handed 😉

    1. Yes, there’s a knack to actually culling without accumulating! A friend offered me a bag of fabric and other assorted craft things on about day 7 of my chuck out challenge. In the spirit of the chuck out I resisted, but it was tough!

  2. 30 Day challenge – nice work! I normally lose steam after a few days of decluttering and reorganising 🙂 You do feel so much better though when its all done and stuff isn’t squished in to all the shelves. Lise – that happened to us too! Took a bag of baby clothes to Vinnies and came back with 10 books for the six year old 🙂

    1. We’re still going strong but it’s absolutely harder with the boys about to witness their things being thrown/donated! I think Mr Wallace will be happy to open cupboards without stuff falling down on to him.

    1. Funny you say that Fluffy. We had a guy buy an old printer from us and he left with a whole bunch of other free stuff. He thought we were really lovely people, little did he know that we had an ulterior motive!

  3. Well done! I like to think I’m fairly on top of decluttering, but I’ve done a similar challenge a couple of times before and always managed to find plenty to go! I think with small children you have a constant influx of things – clothes that they grow out of, Kinder egg toys, party bag fillers, that sort of thing. I’ve just opened the toy cupboard and chucked about 10 plastic things that they really don’t need anymore (they are at school so can’t see!) Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

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