A new baby = baby bibs

Baby bibs at Life on Wallace

The dining room floor here on Wallace is almost finished, hooray! It’s great news as things should start to return to normal and I can finally fire up the sewing machine again. I’m reliably informed by the biggest lad that I’ll be sewing some Winter dinosaur pyjamas! I’ve got other ideas.

One of my latest projects was to make some baby bibs for a friend who recently had her second daughter. I made little Alice two baby bibs and one for our teething, dribble monster youngest lad. I use this very simple pattern. This time I used towelling to back the bib rather than minkee. The towelling was easier to sew but the minkee is so lovely and soft that I think I’ll stick with it for future baby bibs.

Baby bib on Wallace

Baby bibs by Life on Wallace

It’s lovely doing sewing for new babies, especially little girls. I think I have used up all of this gorgeous floral fabric now, such a shame! A bonus of making a baby bib for our little guy is that I have a willing model. These bibs are reasonably big, which is great for messy baby eating and teething.

Baby bib by Life on Wallace
My adorable model

Baby bibs are a great gift for a new baby, we seem to need an endless supply. They are easy and inexpensive to make and gives your gift a personal touch. Baby bibs can obviously be re-used when new siblings come along but they can get a bit gross. While they aren’t an exciting gift, they are practical and there is something nice about a fresh bib for a new baby! Alice and her family live in Queensland. Another great thing about these bibs is that they are very light to post. Fingers crossed little Alice and her very busy Mummy like the new baby bibs!

Do you have a favourite gift to give to a new baby?


7 thoughts on “A new baby = baby bibs

  1. I think bibs are a great gift, and these are gorgeous! I was just talking about bibs the other day with a newish mum. Her little one has started solids and she’s been looking for big bibs – only suitable ones she’s found are the $15 Cotton On bibs, and she refuses to pay $15 per bib when she needs a number of them!

    I like practical gifts – bibs, towels etc are always needed (even for second or subsequent babies), and I always find, much appreciated.

    1. Glad you like them Lise. Send the newish mum my way, I’ll whip her up some for a great deal less than $15 per bib!

  2. Alice loved her bibs thanks Claire! And she is the spewiest baby in the world so she goes through a million bibs a day – yours are particularly good because they’re so absorbent so Alice can wear them through several spews before I have to reach for yet another bib – I’ll post a photo if I can work out how. I wish I knew how to sew like you – it would be very handy!

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