Get chucked challenge – Day 20 update

Day 20 update of the 30 day get chucked challengeWe’re getting to the pointy end of the 30 day get chucked challenge, time for a day 20 update! I’m still cruising along with the challenge. Rather ashamedly, it is yet to test me. Honestly, I had thought that by the day 20 update, I’d be able to say finding things to throw out was hard. But it’s not. We now have 240 less possessions. Amazingly, the house doesn’t feel any different.

As with the day 10 update, I won’t list each item we’ve purged. You’ll have to trust me that we have 240 less things. A whole bunch of the boys toys have silently slipped out of the house, including a pile of finished or almost finished sticker books. I loved day 16. I stood at the boys crammed bookcase and chose 16 books to chuck. The duplicate books, the worn books, the annoying books that didn’t fit neatly on the book shelf. Those books with bits sticking out of them (like squeaky bits and puppets) used to really bother me. Not any more!

Remember the glass candle holder that I mentioned at the beginning of the 30 day get chucked challenge? It finally made my list of banished items on day 17. Huzzah! Mr Wallace listed it for sale online. Surprise, surprise no one has bought it. Turns out I am not the only one who thinks a single candle holder is pointless! Another highlight of day 17 was collecting five items to throw out from the bathroom cupboard while brushing my teeth! Turns out sunscreen doesn’t last very long.

Another tale for the day 20 update, an ICC world cup freeze mug. This mug entered the house on day 18 of the challenge. It left the house on day 18 of the challenge. Mr Wallace was given the God awful mug while buying some wine, it was one of those ‘free with purchase’ mugs. Mr Wallace can’t resist a freebie. I’d be too polite to just say, “no, I don’t want that hideous monstrosity of a mug”. Our inability to say no to free stuff might be part of the reason we’re finding the 30 day get chucked challenge really easy, argh.

day 20 dino
Victims of the challenge!
Day 20 Update 30 day get chucked challenge
The offending mug

The 30 Day Get Chucked Challenge way of decluttering suits my kind of personality and also my house! It’s easy to be in a room, open a draw and see things to purge. If you fancy a more directed way of decluttering Michelle at An Organised Life is running a 30 Day Declutter Challenge in June. There’s still plenty of time to join in.

The final round up of the 30 Day Get Chucked Challenge is coming soon. Have you managed to rid yourself of any unwanted possessions in May?

8 thoughts on “Get chucked challenge – Day 20 update

  1. Good for you! Are you going to continue into June?!

    I’ve thrown out half my wardrobe (I need to go shopping!) and still have my eye on other items I can chuck. Like you though I haven’t noticed a significant difference around my house, but some of my cupboards do look tidier 🙂

    1. Thanks Lise and good for you too! There’s still some big ticket items here I am keen to cull.

    1. Thanks Sarah! 465 items sounds intimidating but if you take it one day at a time it is much more manageable.

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