Get Chucked Challenge – day 30 update

30 day get chucked challenge 30 day update

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting this post. The 30 day get chucked challenge is over! Did I successfully reach the target of chucking 465 possessions in 30 days? Yes, indeed. It wasn’t nearly as challenging as I’d imagined. There was a stumble at about day 25 due to a revolving door of germs resultingRead more

Five activities for Woolworths Domino Stars

Five Woolworths Domino Stars activities

Despite the fact that the Woolworths domino stars craze is over (hallelujah), we have an abundance of dominoes that I am determined to use! The great thing is that they can be used for traditional domino activities, which are ideal for numeracy. I figured there must be something we could do with the character side of the domino and cameRead more