Why I loved my first Fox in Flats Style Dare!

I loved my first Fox in Flats Style Dare - Life on Wallace

On the spur of the moment I decided to give the May Fox In Flats Style Dare. I am so happy that I did!

For those unfamiliar, the very stylish Andrea at Fox in Flats creates a list of prompts for each day of the month to inspire your outfit. It’s basically about being more creative with your outfit, rediscovering lost items in your wardrobe and thinking a little bit outside the box when getting dressed. If you fancy, you can then share a picture of your outfit on Instagram. Here’s the list for May –

Why you should do the Foz in Flats Style Dare - Life on Wallace

I honestly had a blast doing the style dare. I’d been apprehensive about it, worried I wasn’t ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’ enough. I’ve realised though that being cool is all about your attitude. While I am no fashion blogger (no kidding ?!?), everyone has their own style. The style dare allows you to play around with fashion within your own style.

A few of my favourite days of the style dare were day 2 “Up, up”. I have a heap of hair and usually tie it up in a boring pony tail. Up, up inspired me to try a new style and I loved it. My up-do was deceptively simple and loosely based on a Hair Romance tutorial. Day 9 was “Dynamic Duo”. I was spoilt for choice for my dynamic duo. We are a stripey kind of family so I dressed the boys in jeans and striped tops and just like that, it was a match!

Why you should do the Foz in Flats Style Dare - Life on Wallace
Up, up
Why you should do the Foz in Flats Style Dare - Life on Wallace
The original dynamic duo

Day 11, “Favourite dress, different”. This might have been my absolute favourite dare. I have a very simple Metalicus dress I wore heaps when pregnant. I’ve worn it as non-maternity and dressed it up with heels and a jacket. For this challenge I dressed it down with a denim jacket, scarf and flats. I loved the look and it was super comfortable. I’ll definitely be doing this outfit again and variations of it. The easiest day was day 25, “Simple formula”. Everyone has a go-to outfit. Mine at this time of year is jeans + long-sleeve top +  cardigan or jacket. Especially for the style dare I wore a necklace that I love but hardly ever wear. The look was slightly more complete and made me think that I should accessorise more often!

Why I loved the fox in flats style dare - life on wallace
Fave dress, different
Why I loved the fox in flats style dare - life on wallace
Simple formula

Day 28 was “Powerful”. This initially stumped me. All that came to mind for “powerful” was power corporate dressing, Heels and a pencil skirt wouldn’t work at playgroup. So I rethought it and dressed in comfortable and practical clothes, At this point I feel powerful when my clothes allow me to do what I need to do without inhibiting me,.Flats, a shirt I could breastfeed in, comfy, stretchy and not to low cut jeggings, a chewable necklace and I was done. Another great part of his day was that the biggest lad took about 100 photos of me, after demonstrating the superhero poses I should do “with a happy face”. There was much hilarity.

Why I loved the fox in flats style dare - life on wallace
Why I loved the fox in flats style dare - life on wallace
Foxy flats

Why I loved the style dare and why you should play along next time

1. The Instagram love

The ladies that do the Fox in Flats style dare are incredibly supportive! There’s a diverse range of women who take part, all different shapes, sizes, stages of life and style. There’s no negativity and a huge amount of encouragement and respect. While some of the ladies who participate are actual fashion bloggers, don’t be intimidated. They’ll be the first to compliment you on a look.

2. Being creative with your outfit

The style dare encourages you to try new looks a put a twist on your usual outfit. That was the fun thing about “favourite dress, different” and days like “On my shoulder”, “From the dress up box” and “Monochromatic”.

I loved my first Fox in Flats style dare - Life on Wallace
On my shoulder
I loved my first Fox in Flats Style Dare - Life on Wallace

3. Rediscovering items in your wardrobe

Day 30 was “Pure Gold”. The closest item I had was a silk scarf with gold threads that I picked up in Vietnam years ago. I had never worn it, yet I really liked it. This was a perfect excuse to finally wear it. Now I have worn it once I will definitely whip it out again. I have a pink jacket that I tend to consider work wear, but on Day 26 the prompt was “Hint of Pink”. The jacket is more than a hint of pink but I decided to wear it with jeans and I really loved the more casual look. I absolutely rediscovered some items in my wardrobe thanks to the style dare.

Rediscovering my wardrobe - I loved my first Fox in Flats Style Dare - Life on Wallace
Pure Gold
I loved my first Fox in Flats Style Dare - Life on Wallace
Hint of Pink

4. Playing around with accessories

I’m basically lazy when it comes to getting dressed and accessories aren’t a priority. But the style dare kind of pushes or encourages you to play around with what you have in your wardrobe. I wore necklaces, earrings and scarves I don’t often wear. I really liked it and I felt my outfit looked more ‘polished’. I’ll be aiming to accessorise more to give my outfits a finishing touch.

5. The fun!

The Fox in Flats style dare was lots of fun! I got a bit of a thrill from trying out new looks. Taking lots of selfies was a laugh and it was a delight to have some kind of direction about what to wear each morning. The Instagram feed was full of amusing tales and funny pictures, no one takes it super seriously which is fabulous.

I don’t know when the next Fox in Flats style dare will be but I am excited to do it again. If you’ve thought about giving it a go, you really should. It’s a refreshingly positive dare, loads of fun and not as tricky as it first seems. I promise you don’t have to be a fashionista! When it rocks around next time, shall we do it together?

10 thoughts on “Why I loved my first Fox in Flats Style Dare!

    1. This was my first style dare and I am a total convert Christina! It’s such a great way to explore different looks and pull out forgotten items from your wardrobe.

  1. I liked watching it unfold over the month! I’m with you on the accessories- they make all the difference! I used to wear a large, statement (costume) necklace to school each day. (Think Diva, Lovisa, Temt, Sportsgirl)… My students always commented and it livened up an otherwise ‘regular’ outfit.
    I have a TON of necklaces and as many scarves. I’m going to break them out, even though I’m not teaching at present! You’ve inspired me!

    1. Good on you Bel. I reckon a statement necklace is a good way for me to finish off my otherwise boring ‘mummy uniform’. I may need to invest in some more!

  2. I liked watching it unfold too Claire. It makes me want to go shopping! My wardrobe needs a major re-vamp. I love your Vietnamese scarf… it reminds me of two scarves I bought in France and Japan and I have never worn either!

    1. I know what you mean Michelle, so much of my wardrobe is either maternity clothes or things I can breastfeed in, I have no idea what my actual style is anymore! I reckon you should wear those scarves, take the plunge.

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