Five activities for Woolworths Domino Stars

Five Woolworths Domino Stars activities

Despite the fact that the Woolworths domino stars craze is over (hallelujah), we have an abundance of dominoes that I am determined to use! The great thing is that they can be used for traditional domino activities, which are ideal for numeracy. I figured there must be something we could do with the character side of the domino and came up with five simple activities.

Memory Game


woolworth domino stars actvities

The biggest lad has the memory of an elephant which makes him very good at memory games. We grabbed all our domino doubles, turned them number side up and played a memory matching game.    You do need plenty of doubles for this game, I reckon about 15 pairs is an ideal number. You can of course play it with less and fewer pairs is great if your little one is starting out with memory games. A bonus of the dominoes is that they are easy to pick up, often flat cards seem tricky for little fingers to turn over.

Guess Who

woolworth domino stars activities
Woolworth star domino activities - life on wallace

The biggest lad and I played our own version of Guess Who. My idea for this game was to encourage him to practice asking and answering questions. I picked dominoes from the pile that I thought the biggest lad would know, kept the character hidden and he’d ask me questions to guess the character. He got the hang of the game quickly and asked questions like “Is it an animal?” or “Is it from Toy Story?”. We took turns in each role. The biggest lad was classic and insisted on giving me very helpful clues, like “Ok, this one is from Finding Nemo”.

Matching letters

Woolworth star domino activities - life on wallace
Woolworth star domino activities - life on wallace

We’ve been very informally working on letter recognition, I created a sheet with the first letter of each domino character. I asked the biggest lad to grab a domino from the pile, look at the character and its name and then place the domino on the square that matched the first letter of the character’s name. This was a simple game, while we were doing it we chatted about other words that began with the relevant letter. When there was more than one domino starting with a particular letter (Woody, Wall E), we just piled the dominoes up.

Character counting

 Woolworth Domino Stars activities Life on Wallace

 Woolworth Domino Stars activities Life on Wallace

I’ve no idea what to actually call this game but basically it’s a counting, word matching and writing activity all rolled into one! There’s four steps. Pick a character domino, count the numbers, locate the character’s square and write that number in the box. I of course assumed that the biggest lad would look at the name in the first square and locate that domino. Of course, he’s more imaginative than that and just chose any domino he wanted. The trickiest part was probably writing the actual number as that’s not something we practice often.

Character phonics

Five activities for Woolworths Domino Stars

This was a simple game of pulling out a domino, looking at the character and identifying the first letter of its name. We then chatted about the first sound in each characters name (Boo = B, Rex = R) and other words that start with that letter. We piled up the dominos of each letter. This was good to practice and cement phonics.

Here are some printable documents on the off chance you wanted to try the matching letters or character counting games.

If you have any other domino games, please do share! I’d always love to hear from you, flick me an email if you fancy –


9 thoughts on “Five activities for Woolworths Domino Stars

  1. Wow! You are awesome!! I love this idea. My son was a bit little to get into the dominoes, but I am sure Coles or Woolworths will bring out some other fad soon enough. Well done! I will have to keep your templates for future use 🙂

    1. We won tickets to the launch of the Domino Stars, which included a show bag with a domino album and a few dominoes to start you off. Fair to say they got our boys hooked! There was no way we could avoid it, thank goodness for Grandparents who saved theirs for us.

  2. Some great ideas there Claire. Another idea for Guess Who – we play our own version in the car and at home where we take turns describing something, eg a fire engine or a whale, and the other person has to guess what we are describing. It is a great way to practice language development and teach new words. I like the idea of including dominos for something different!

    1. Excellent idea Michelle, perfect game for pre-schoolers. Yes, I made the bag. We have a few floating around, very handy!

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