Get Chucked Challenge – day 30 update

30 day get chucked challenge 30 day update

I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting this post. The 30 day get chucked challenge is over! Did I successfully reach the target of chucking 465 possessions in 30 days? Yes, indeed. It wasn’t nearly as challenging as I’d imagined. There was a stumble at about day 25 due to a revolving door of germs resulting in sick children. But I quickly caught up. Here’s an update from day 30! If you are curious, here’s how this challenge started and the day 10 and day 20 updates.

What we chucked

The last 10 days of the 30 day get chucked challenge saw a further 220 possessions leave the house. That included some out of date items from the pantry, very old makeup, more clothes from my wardrobe, the parrot from the pirate party in July 2014, earrings without pairs, two boxes of cocktail glasses, some old shoes, more kids toys, an old black and white printer, an Ikea bookshelf, stuff from our party box and a big blue blanket. Obviously, there was lots more but I won’t bore you with the details.

30 day get chucked challenge 30 day update
Our cocktail days are over!
30 day get chucked challenge 30 day update
Broken jewellery

We managed to sell some unwanted items on Ebay, including the cocktail glasses and some unworn jewellery. I really should have done that a long time ago but the get chucked challenge gave me the motivation. Amusingly Mr Wallace cleaned out his beside table and discovered a whole bunch of my stuff. Turns out I’d previously tried to purge those things and he’d kindly rescued the items for me. See what I am up against?!?

It was a dangerous time to visit during the 30 day get chucked challenge. The guy who bought the black and white printer left with extra items we gave him. He happily took a bunch of placemats and a table runner, an incense holder and the big blue blanket. He thought we we really kind, nice people. He we blissfully unaware that we had ulterior motives. I guess one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

30 day get chucked challenge 30 day update
Mini bunting from 2013
30 day get chucked challenge 30 day update
Cupcake toppers from 2011

A whole boot load of bags, clothes and other household items went to Vinnies. Mr Wallace noticed I’d included a Sake jug and cups with the items to donate. He was perplexed and said something like “you can’t throw this, I’ve saved it at least twice’! Meaning I had tried unsuccessfully to get rid of it two times before. Given we’d still not used it, he begrudgingly accepted that it was time to farewell the Sake set.

I am happy that we have fewer possession. Embarrassingly though, I feel we’ve barely touched the surface. Our bins were overflowing each week with items from the challenge, which makes me think the house was harbouring a lot of rubbish. We did get rid of some large times which were taking up space. I’m keen to do another 30 day get chucked challenge. I do think it’d be more of a challenge the second time around but I think that is fabulous. For me the challenge seems to give me permission to get rid of items I have been saving for those ‘what if’ moments. I’m pretty confident there’s another 465 items we could chuck!

I’d love to know if you de-cluttered in May. Is your house free of 465 possessions?

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9 thoughts on “Get Chucked Challenge – day 30 update

  1. oh, don’t get me started. We still have towers of boxes full of crap from our old house from when we moved 3 years ago. It’s just depressing. I should just walk in there every half hour and remove 1 item. Going through a whole box is too hard.
    Somehow, for example, I have ended up with 2 additional glass turntables from previous microwaves. How?
    Not to mention all of the cables and cords and chargers that probably don’t belong to anything but I might just throw out one we need.

    1. Gael, I feel your pain! We had a draw full of cables, cords, chargers etc that we dramatically reduced! Those glass turntables have got to go, bite the bullet.

  2. I’m notorious for hanging onto old party bits and pieces and never using them again. Very impressed with your de-cluttering effort! I have a hoarder hubby too… makes the process very challenging and I’ve been known to sneak things out of the house… he’s yet to notice 😉
    Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole! xx

    1. Oh Shannon, hoarder husbands and a whole new dimension to de-cluttering! Thanks for having me at the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xx

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