A reminder to quit while you’re ahead

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*This post is in the interest of keeping it real. It’s marginally embarrassing. 

Do you ever have moments when you should have quit while you’re ahead? This was one of those moments. Let me take you back to Sunday morning on Wallace. The baby was asleep. The big boys were outside in the garden with Mr Wallace. I was to have a shower. But I had a bright idea, I might wax my pits before I jump in the shower. Finding time to get the waxing salon rarely happens.

I heat the wax, successfully rid my pits of hair. Smooth arm pits achieved. That’s where I should have left it. Yet, there I was with hot wax, fuzzy bikini line, seemingly quite house. You can guess what I did next. Two wax strips in, all is going well. Things are marginally improved. Yet I still didn’t quit. I brazenly applied some more wax. That’s when I hear two little voices at the door.  They are pushing the door open. We have a pretty relaxed attitude to privacy around here. The bathroom door doesn’t even latch properly and certainly does not lock. I hold the door closed with one hand while trying to smooth the wax strip on with the other. The little voices are persistent and confused. Normally they waltz into the bathroom whenever they darn well please. I try to stay cool and instruct the boys to find Daddy to get whatever assistance they need.

My waxing mojo has gone. I can hear the middle lad dejectedly saying “but Daddy is outside”. I try to rip that last wax strip off but it is a sticky mess. I give up and get in the shower to try and wash the wax off. I’m 30 seconds in to my shower. The wax is still hanging on. That’s when the middle lad enters the bathroom again. He’s one week in to toilet training and needs to wee. I should say, needed to wee. He’s basically doing his wee as he enters the bathroom. Grabbing a towel I help him onto the toilet and then send him off to find Mr Wallace for clean clothes.

Back in the shower it occurs to me that the reason for the persistent voices at the door was because the middle lad needed to wee. Then of course I am filled with guilt. The poor kid did the right thing in coming to the bathroom and I’d impatiently told him to go away. It also explained his pleas about Daddy being outside. So not only did the waxing end badly but I caused the middle lad to wet his pants. Brilliant start to the day. Nearly a week on my wax job is still uneven!

Please tell me you’ve had times when you should have quit while you’re ahead? Failed waxing, anyone?

10 thoughts on “A reminder to quit while you’re ahead

  1. Oh dear , what a mess. I rather go wild down there than wax – it never ends well and I get ingrown hairs.

  2. Any woman who DIY waxes is a braver woman than I. I would never dream of attempting it and save it all for the salon. High five to you for giving it a go!

  3. I gave up on home waxing years ago. It never works out as good plus if you get a lovely waxer to chat to its a win win. Best $25 spent!! Your poor little man. Don’t worry, we all have those moments. I thought you were going to say the kids saw the wax and screamed! Lol!

    1. I never seem to get the starts to align to be able to get to a salon. I’m getting pretty good at my pits but I’ve officially given up on home waxing other areas!

    1. When I’m out and about with the boys I try and adopt a ‘quit while the going is good’ approach. Recognising that point is the challenge.

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