Painting with shaving cream

painting with shaving cream

There’s been a cold snap here in Sydney and keeping the lads entertained is getting tough. It was time to mix up our indoor activities by painting with shaving cream! The boys had a fabulous play and importantly, it kept them entertained for a long time.

What you’ll need

Shaving cream (cheap and cheerful is fine)
Food colouring
Paint brushes
Muffin tray
Baby wipes, lots, and
an acceptance of mess!

Time to paint

It’s pretty straightforward. Squirt some shaving cream into your muffin tray (ramekins, etc) and add some drops of food colouring. Let your kid stir the food colouring through the shaving cream. The lads were fascinated at the way the colour gradually mixed in to the shaving cream. You’re now set to paint.

Painting with shaving cream - Life on Wallace
Painting with shaving cream - Life on Wallace

I’ve previously let the lads paint directly on to the table and it did leave a little residue. This time around I covered the table with baking paper. It worked well as the baking paper didn’t get soggy.

Getting messy

The great thing about painting with shaving cream is that it naturally develops into other activities. The boys began sensibly painting on the paper. We talked about how mixing various colours together creates new colours. We made lots of different coloured shaving cream paint. We stared with red, blue and yellow and ended up making purple, green and orange.

Painting with shaving cream - Life on Wallace


It wasn’t long before we decided to use our hands! This was when it got really messy and to be honest, the most fun. Finger painting with shaving cream is a fabulous tactile activity for kids. The lads loved the feel of it on their hands and how they could smooth it across the paper. We also spread the shaving cream out and used our fingers and the brushes to make shapes and letters in the shaving cream (my hands were covered in shaving cream, no photos of that).

Painting with shaving cream - Life on Wallace
Painting with shaving cream - Life on Wallace

Painting with shaving cream is a simple activity to do with kids and provides plenty of learning opportunities. My lads are keen to do it again, must add cheap shaving cream to the shopping list! Have you ever tried shaving cream painting?


14 thoughts on “Painting with shaving cream

  1. This is such a brilliant idea, my kids are probably a little old for this now (such a shame), but i’ll keep it in mind for when little ones are around! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Kaye, my big boys are 3 and 5 and it was great for that pre-school age. Absolutely keep it in mind for little ones!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. I hope you and your kids have a blast painting with shaving cream!

  2. It’s always a hit with my boys too, might do some tomorrow 🙂 Your boys look quite clean and tidy though, mine wear smocks and still end up with shaving cream all over them!!!

    1. I promise it got messier Lise, but by that point my hands were messy too so I had to put the camera down!

    1. It does feel lovely on your hands, so smooth! It’s also one of the best smelling ways to paint. Thanks for having me at #IBOT

    1. My guys aren’t really crafty either Kelly but there’s enough mess involved that they have a blast with it!

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