Who heckles a kid!

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Yesterday we had an unusually uneventful trip to the library, ignoring the parking ticket, darn it! On the way home we stopped in at our local village centre to get coffee and bread rolls. That’s when things got eventful.

We’re crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing. It’s a busy but not exactly frantic street. Cafes and shops are on either side of the road. The big lad is next to me and I’m carrying the baby, a bag and my coffee. The middle lad was about a metre behind me. As the van waiting for us to cross drove away, I hear a man yelling at us. He has put down his passenger side window to abuse us, or to be precise, the middle lad. He yelled through the window of the moving van “Take your time, you little sh*t”. Excuse me?!?

I couldn’t believe my ears at first, but the look of horror at the group sitting outside the cafe told me I hadn’t imagined it. A perplexed conversation then occurred, one lady looked sympathetically at the middle lad and confirmed that yes the man was yelling ‘at your little boy’. Thankfully I don’t think the middle lad knew what was going on. Seriously, who heckles a kid? A three year old kid?

Honestly, we weren’t dashing across the road but we certainly weren’t going at snails pace either. Even if we had been going extremely slowly, why would an adult yell abuse at a child? Perhaps he was in a huge rush, but I’m not sure how screaming at my child would help! Come on mate, relax a little. What do you achieve by yelling at a three year old?

I had an uncharacteristic vent about it on my personal Facebook page. My lovely friend’s comments had an incredulous tone. As one friend said, ‘what a big man yelling at a little boy’. My favourite comment was simply #whatadouche. That about sums it up really.

Has your child ever been randomly heckled by a stranger? I am hoping the answer is no…

16 thoughts on “Who heckles a kid!

    1. I think I was more perplexed than enraged Renee. I still don’t know what he thought it would achieve!

    1. I agree Luisa, even if he was ‘taking his time’ he didn’t deserve to be abused. It’s a pedestrian crossing, the driver has to wait!

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