Join the crew for a Construction Party!

Construction birthday party - Life on Wallace

I have no idea how or why it happened but kid’s birthday parties are a big deal here on Wallace. The biggest lad gives very specific directions about what he wants, I swear he has a future in event planning. Parties now require a theme, with food, games and decorations to fit with the theme. The biggest lad decided on a construction party days after his fourth, pirate themed, birthday party. He stuck with the theme so that’s what we did. We had a combined fifth and third birthday party, I figured this year would be the last year I could get away with it. My verdict, a construction party is a totally easy party theme, ridiculously simple. Here’s the boy’s construction party wrap up, Part 1.

Construction party decorations

Construction party - Life on Wallace
Construction party - Life on Wallace

We made a trip to Bunnings to source some decorations. This confused the boys who were firmly of the view that you don’t get party stuff at Bunnings! For a construction party, Bunnings was perfect.

We searched Mr Wallace’s shed for decorations and found the role of electrical cable to use as a cake stand and a tool caddy to display cupcakes. We got the peg board as the backdrop of the table from Bunnings, along with those yellow stackable storage boxes to serve food. We also used some of the boy’s trucks on the table, doubling as decoration and to serve food. The boys tools were hung from the peg board. Mr Wallace filled his wheelbarrow with ice and drinks for the kids. He feigns disinterest in the party details, but I think he secretly loves it! The great thing about a construction themed party is that so many of the decorations we either had at home already or Mr Wallace will be able to use in his shed.

It’s not a party, in the boys view, without bunting. Construction party colours aren’t very visually appealing so I did what I could with yellow, black and white. I made two lengths of bunting and the table runner in black and white chevron.

Construction party food

Construction party - Life on Wallace
Construction party - Life on Wallace

We had an afternoon party, so kept the catering reasonably low key. The boy’s had some specific food requests, cake, popcorn, fairy bread, cupcakes and lollies, of course. We used a digger cutter for the fairy bread, put the popcorn in ‘crew crunchies’ snack boxes, called some liquorice bullets ‘bolts’, pretzels ‘bent nails’, jelly became ‘wet paint’, Oreo biscuits ‘spare tires’, chips were ‘rubble’, jaffas and maltesers ‘boulders’ and wafer biscuits ‘wood planks’. I wanted straight pretzels to be nails but apparently they are only a Christmas thing so I improvised with standard pretzels. My point is, if you are trying to theme your food an easy way to do it is to come up with alternate names for your food that fits within the theme. Use little menu cards to label the food and you’re sorted.

Construction cake!

construction party cake - life on wallace
construction party cake - life on wallace

This is the easiest cake I have ever made the boys. After all, it’s supposed to be a construction site, so messy is absolutely acceptable! I didn’t follow any particular instructions. Basically, I made two round chocolate cakes, one bigger than the other. I stacked the smaller cake on top of the big cake and iced them with chocolate butter cream icing. Once iced, I dug a construction hole in the top cake and kept the broken up pieces of cake to be dirt. I then cut a hole in the bottom cake as a ramp. According to Mr Wallace my ramp was too steep for vehicles, I figured that wasn’t very important (umm, dude it’s a cake)!

Once the hole was dug and the cake created, I crumbled some of the cake I’d cut out to make dirt on the ramp. I crumbled some Flake and put it in the construction hole, and used cut up Violet Crumble and matlesers to be rocks and rubble. Add in a few small toy trucks and diggers, a sign and you have a construction cake. It looks impressive but is deceptively simple. The boys were thrilled with it!

Most of these photos were kindly taken by the very talented Amber from The Keepsaker. The party invitations and printables, including cupcake toppers were from an Etsy shop, Simone Made It.

Here’s the next construction party instalment, games!

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23 thoughts on “Join the crew for a Construction Party!

  1. Looks fantastic as do all your parties!!! We were sorry to miss this one 🙁 Have your lads chosen a theme for next year yet?!

    1. Thanks Lise, you’re always very kind! Theme for next year is an ongoing discussion, but I suspect next year I’ll be doing two parties.

  2. A fellow party mad mum, hello! This is a gorgeous party and I’m really looking forward to the games post – the games are my favourite bit. You did a fabulous job on the cake… I kinda want a construction cake for my next birthday now. x

  3. Wow! That looks amazing! So creative, I’m sure all the kiddies absolutely loved this. I’m thinking of doing a mad hatter tea party for my bubs second birthday bash. Thanks for the inspiration, loved this post! x

  4. it looks fantastic Claire. Very creative. I always love seeing your party themes. I felt a little guilty skipping a party this year and might have to do something extra special nest year x

    1. You’re very kind Michelle, we all had a fabulous time. Don’t feel guilty about skipping a party, they aren’t essential every year!

  5. Love it, construction parties are always such a hit with the boys. I’ve been having joint parties for my girls and just did their 3 and 6 party. I’m hoping I can get away with it for a bit longer, so much easier doing just one party.

  6. So many fantastic ideas here. That cake looks very impressive. I’m no cake decorator but messy cakes, I can do! My Handy Hubby is in the construction and renovation business and I think this party theme might get him excited. I’ll be bookmarking this for Mr TT’s party next year!

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