Party games for your construction crew!

Construction Party games - Life on Wallace

Planning a construction party? You’ll need party games for your construction crew. Here’s a run down of the party games our little construction workers played. If you need some inspiration for construction party food and decorations, check out this post. Let the games begin!

Hammer making

Construction party games - life on wallace
Construction party games - Life on Wallace

We kicked off the party with hammer making. This was Mr Wallace’s domain! He made a trip to Bunnings for thick dowel and a length of 4cmx4cm pine. He sawed the dowel into hammer handle lengths, cut the pine into hammer head sizes and pre-drilled holes in one side of the pine for the handle. All the kids had to do was use a mallet to bang the handle into the hammer head. The kids had fun creating their hammers and each took their hammer home.

But, a word of caution! This was possibly not the wisest party game. The biggest lad bashed the mallet into his hand, it would’ve hurt! We were just thankful that it was one of our kids with the injury. Later, in the heat of a meltdown, we discovered hammers can be used as a weapon. No-one was hurt, but it could’ve been messy. If your construction crew are older this would be much more appropriate!

Pin the hammer on the builder

Construction party games - Life on Wallace
Construction party games - Life on Wallace - pin the hammer on the builder

This was very nearly a different game entirely. At dinner a few weeks before the party we were chatting about construction party games. Mr Wallace suggested we play ‘pin the hat on the builder’. The biggest lad loved that idea but had a way to improve it. He enthusiastically said ‘how about pin the penis on the builder’? Desperately trying to keep a straight face I asked him to tell me more. To which he says, ‘it’s like pin the tail on the donkey except out the front’. At that point I lost it, laughing so hard I had tears rolling down my face. Anyhow, I digress. After some negotiation we settled on Pin the Hammer on the Builder.

This doesn’t need a great deal of explanation. Trusty Google found us the image of our builder. Using Publisher we removed the hammer and printed him in roughly A2 size (using two A3 sheets). Our builder was then stuck onto a sheet of cardboard. Again thanks to Google, we found a similar image of the hammer and printed one for each crew member on sticky label sheets. We cut them out and wrote each crew member’s name on a hammer. Our ‘g-rated’ pin the hammer on the builder game was then set to go. Remember a blindfold! I had to grab a scarf at the last moment and it was too big for the poor kids. The prize for the closest hammer to the hand was a toy tool box.

Wrecking ball piñata

Party games for your construction crew - wrecking ball piñata - Life on Wallace
party games for your construction crew - wrecking ball piñata - life on wallace

Having a piñata at a party has become a bit of a tradition here on Wallace. Fitting a piñata to the construction theme was a challenge. Then we came up a wrecking ball piñata. I made this beast of a thing, she was tough to crack! This was the biggest lad’s favourite game, probably because once that piñata finally broke, lollies emerged. Most of the kids seemed to have a great time bashing the wrecking ball. Make sure you keep the whacking zone well and truly clear of kids!

Pass the parcel

Party games for your construction crew - pass the parcel - Life on Wallace
Party games for your construction crew - pass the parcel - Life on Wallace

Obviously there’s nothing very ‘construction’ about this game but it’s an oldie and a goodie. In keeping with the construction theme, each layer contained a mini digger or truck. The final prize was a big digger.

If you’re hosting a construction party, I do hope this roundup will help you decide on party games for your construction crew. Thanks once again to Amber for these fabulous party photos!

The biggest lad hasn’t yet decided on a party theme for next year. It’s only a matter of time! Who determines the party themes at your place?

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11 thoughts on “Party games for your construction crew!

  1. I love this! I am actually doing a ‘digger’ themed party for my son at the end of the year. The construction party sounds like fun. I might steal some of your ideas. Thanks for that! Love the pin the penis game. That would be an interesting game for a childs party 😉

    1. Steal away Kelly! I think the pin the penis game is probably suitable for a hen’s party, rather than a kids birthday party!?!

  2. Looks like a gorgeous party! We only did “big” themed parties for our kids the once – a pirate party for our boy when he was 5, and a fairytale party for our girl when she turned 6 (we were travelling Australia in our caravan when she turned 5 so we couldn’t do it then). We had pin the patch on the pirate, and pin the posy on the princess, no Google or printers then, but I had fun painting them ;-); there was also pass the parcel and I think a treasure hunt for each? My kids are now 21 and 18 so it was a fair while ago!

    Visiting from #teamIBOT x

    1. Thanks Janet, themed parties are all the rage around here! I’m impressed you painted your own ‘pin the patch/posy’ games, that’s absolutely out of my depth.

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