When life gives you grapefruit…

when life gives you grapefruit

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But what happens when life gives you grapefruit, in abundance? Well, these days, you resort to social media for inspiration! My lovely readers suggested biscuits, marmalade, salads, grapefruit and gin cocktails, grapefruit yoghurt cake and grapefruit sorbet. Now grapefruit sorbet ought to have been really obvious to me, but it wasn’t. It took a gelato and sorbet connoisseur to point it out.

How does one come to have literally kilos of grapefruit? Well, my neighbor has a massive grapefruit tree and she gave me two huge bags of them. There’s only so many days you can eat grapefruit for breakfast. As an aside, my neighbor also has a mango tree. Apparently this year it didn’t do so well, but the year before it had over 300 huge mangoes. I’m planning on being especially friendly to Rosa during mango season as I’m more than happy to help with surplus mangoes! But I digress.

When life gives you grapefruit…make marmalade and sorbet

when life gives you grapefruit, scones
when life gives you grapefruit, sorbet

I’m not hugely fond of marmalade but ended up making two batches. The first was frankly inedible. I used all of the fruit and peel and as a result it was very bitter and pithy. To make matters worse I managed to break our oven when I was heating the jars. Mr Wallace thinks it was a deliberate ploy to get a new oven. I made the second batch in my Thermomix and used some of the rind and removed all the pith. It was much improved! The dilemma then however was what to do with the marmalade. Turns out that marmalade on lemonade scones is rather tasty.

Now, I’m one of a very rare breed of Thermomix owners who don’t love their Thermomix. In fact I’m rather ambivalent about it. I did however make grapefruit sorbet in the Thermomix with the addition of a heavy dash of gin. I must say it was delicious!

When life gives you grapefruit…make cocktails and cake

when life gives you grapefruit - yoghurt cake
when life gives you grapefruit, gin

Some of my readers have a clear insight into my mind. I’m not ashamed to say that the suggestion of grapefruit and gin cocktails was the one I took the most seriously. I simply replaced my tonic with grapefruit juice, and indulged in gin and grapefruit juice. Sour, but very refreshing! I did also add a generous splash of grapefruit juice to the odd glass of bubbly. That too was a winner.

I’d never actually made a lemon yoghurt cake but figured substituting lemon rind and juice with grapefruit would do the trick. I used this recipe and it made a lovely, moist cake! Not too sweet and perfect for afternoon tea.

All that baking and cocktail making made lots of dishes, thankfully there’s rinse aid to help with the dishes.

Who knew that grapefruit was such a versatile fruit! What do you make when life gives you grapefruit?

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  1. Very interesting ideas! Thanks for sharing. It’s refreshing to read someone admit that they’re ambivalent about their Thermomix. It’s a kitchen appliance, and you use it from time to time. Love it! #teamIBOT

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