Fishing at The Basin with kids!

Fishing at the Basin

The big boys got ‘fishing ropes’  for their birthdays and were hanging out to go fishing. We took advantage of the long weekend and headed off to Avalon. While there we hired a boat at Palm Beach and went fishing at the Basin. The Basin is gorgeous, tucked away in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and accessible by boat from the Palm Beach Wharf. Despite our best efforts, and lots of patience, the fish alluded us. We did make friends with a pelican (who we named Peli Peli, go figure) and managed to off load some bait to him.

The guys at the boat shop were able to give us some instructions on how to drive the boat (you don’t need a licence) and give us some general directions about where to explore. We hired our little boat for three hours which was perfect given the boys relatively short attention span.

While out on the boat we stumbled across our own private beach, sort of at the entrance to The Basin. It was a gorgeous spot to anchor the boat! You need to pack your own picnic and drinks as there are no shops in the Basin. We had a play in the sand, a splash in the crystal clear, calm waters and explored the coast line.

Fishing at the Basin

It was a lovely little adventure, even though we didn’t catch a fish to cook for our dinner. I was somewhat apprehensive about heading out on a boat with the boys but it was far easier than I expected. It was the first time we’d been fishing at the Basin, next time we’ll explore further before we cast the rods. The boat ride home was interesting, I ended up with two boys asleep on me. Uncomfortable!!

You can read more about Avalon in this post. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere and feels like a world away from Sydney.

Do you have a favourite fishing spot? My poor boys are desperate to catch a fish! 

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13 thoughts on “Fishing at The Basin with kids!

    1. It was gorgeous Malinda. Interestingly my middle lad has much greater patience for fishing than the biggest lad!

  1. Ooooh that looks lovely. I love being near the water with my son and husband. My mum is going to take my son fishing when we visit her at Christmas time. I would do it, but I have no idea what the hell to do 😉

  2. Oh wow, what a gorgeous spot! My five year old had his first taste of fishing up at the Gold Coast a few weeks ago. He was so excited to try and about ten minutes in he realised how boring it could be. LOL!

    1. Every time we have a weekend by the beach I dream of leaving the suburbs and living by the seaside! I envy you Vanessa.

  3. I like the serenity of fishing but freak out if I actually catch something and have to deal with that! Super cute photos, I just need to kiss Ig’s cheeks 😝. Would have enjoyed J trying out the boat too 😂😂 happy days Wallace folk!

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