Simple Christmas Bauble Cupcakes

Simple Christmas Bauble Cupcakes - Life on Wallace

Wow, December already. The ‘bring a plate’ time of year! I whipped up some simple Christmas bauble cupcakes for the biggest lad’s Christmas party and they were a huge hit! They aren’t the healthiest treats but everything in moderation, right? Sugar free won’t ever take off here I am afraid!

What you need

Simple Christmas Bauble Cupcakes - Life on Wallace
  • Vanilla cupcakes with icing
  • Red and Green M&Ms (you can sometimes buy special Christmas tubes)
  • Cadbury chocolate roll, one should be enough for 12 cupcakes as each has 16 chocolates.

How to make simple Christmas bauble cupcakes

Make your cupcakes. If you are fussy about them all being equal in size, measure the mixture in each patty case to be 40 grams before you bake them. Once they have cooled, ice them using buttercream icing. I leave the icing white but you could colour it light green if you fancy.

Simple Christmas bauble cupcakes - Life on Wallace
Simple Christmas bauble cupcakes - Life on Wallace

To decorate, use a chocolate as the top of the bauble, then place M&Ms (M side down) on the cupcake in whichever pattern you like. I made each cupcake slightly different. Et Voila, ready to enjoy. Super simple, I assure you!

This was the biggest lad’s last Christmas party at childcare. I’m very excited about him heading off to school but I am a little sad that he will be farewelling his two best mates. They have been super close since they were 18 months old. Now the three boys are heading off to different schools. It’s obviously a part of life but it is a little sad that he’ll be losing the closeness of their friendship. No more huge bear hugs on drop off! Lucky kids are resilient.

If you have an upcoming Christmas party, especially one with loads of kids, take along a batch of simple Christmas bauble cupcakes. The kids will love you! Do you have a ‘go to’ for bring a plate parties?

13 thoughts on “Simple Christmas Bauble Cupcakes

  1. They look lovely. My son had his daycare party last Friday. I took a plate of Tim Tam’s. Yep, I am that lazy!! But then again, Tim Tams are apparently in demand lately (due to lack of stocks in store), so maybe I was more superhero Mum for bringing them 😉

  2. I hear you on end of year being both sweet and sad when your little one is finishing up and he and his mates go in different directions. Amazing though, how many new friends they make in the first year of school. Love the simpilicty and the design of these little Christmassy cakes too. Denyse #teamIBOT

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