Say, what? 19 words totally jumbled by toddlers!

words jumbled by toddlers

Kids are adorable, right? Ok, perhaps not all of the time, but listening to children’s language develop is amazing. When toddlers mispronounce everyday words it can be truly gorgeous, or outright embarrassing! I asked the lovely Life on Wallace Facebook fans to share the words their toddlers mangle. Here are 19 words totally jumbled by toddlers. This is the non-sweary version. It seems kids have a tendency to unintentionally drop the f-bomb, fork or truck, anyone?

19 words totally jumbled by toddlers

1. Wink wink – oink oink, the usual sound made by a pig!
2. Wash facer – face washer
3. Pushions – a mash-up of cushions and pillows
4. Rainbrella – umbrella. I personally think rainbrella is genius, I might add it to my own vocabulary!

19 words totally jumbled by toddlers
5. Bends – Elbows. I guess the very function of an elbow is to bend.
6. Chicken monkeys – Chipmunks.
7. Australian ‘accident’ – Meaning she has an Australian accent! This one is so adorable.
8. Fridge – Bridge

19 words totally jumbled by toddlers

9. Umpire – Vampire. Dressing up as an umpire for Halloween seems far less sinister than a vampire.
10. Trumpets – Crumpets. Breakfast suddenly got very noisy.
11. Grangrad – Granddad
12. Mickmick – picnic
13. Tentacles – testicles. I can hear it now. A little boy, falling off a bike and crushing his boy bits, ‘ouch, my tentacles’. How would you keep a straight face??
14. Stick tank – sticky tape
15. Destructions – instructions. I suspect there’s a parent or two out there who has wanted to destroy some instructions!
16. Busgetti – spaghetti

19 words totally jumbled by toddlers

17. Strangled Egg – scrambled egg.
18. Infection – reflection. Just imagine your child innocently gazing into a pond and exclaiming, ‘mummy I can see my infection’.
19. Milks – nipples. Normalising breastfeeding with this one!

Everyone give me an awww! Thanks ever so much to those who added words mispronounced by their toddlers to the Life on Wallace Facebook page. I loved reading them!

Do you have any words totally jumbled by toddlers to add to the list?


38 thoughts on “Say, what? 19 words totally jumbled by toddlers!

  1. This is just the cutest post.
    A few of Sams
    Renember – remember
    Garbage – garage
    Micmacdonalds – McDonald’s. I just love this one that we now all call it micmacdonalds
    Oh and policeman man lol

  2. haha it is so cute. I love hearing kids learning to speak. My little sister used to say Dicko for disco and my eldest daughter is currently struggling with Olympics calling it instead Omlympics.

    One of my family favourites was when my niece whined at my sister who was turning off the TV “Oh, come on Aunty, it’s omo finish!” meant to be almost finished.

  3. I love it Claire! Great post. I have a few to add to the list from Miss 2… Fowler = flower, Ba = spa, pailing = playing, hostable = hospital, mulk = milk… There’s probably many more that I can’t think of right now, must write them all down, would be so cute to look back on one day 🙂

  4. Ahhh! What a great list! I particularly love “Tentacles” and “Strangled Egg.” I’m going to have to start my own list and get writing them down as soon as my toddler comes out with them. There have definitely been a few mixed up swear words in there! #JustAnotherLinky

  5. Aww I love this, I am compiling a list at the moment and it really makes me laugh how they say these funny things! It also makes me sad when they stop saying them and start speaking “properly”. Waaaaah! #justanotherlinky

  6. I love the jumbled words & mispronounced ones too. It’s sooo cute. I’ve got a list of cute crap my kids say written down cause I want to be able to remember it in years to come. My son calls his big toe his “thumb toe” & it always makes me laugh. I love rainbrella too 🙂

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