You know you’re heavily pregnant with twins when…

heavily pregnant with twins

Yesterday I ambled, ok waddled, past a cafe and noticed a woman openly staring at me. I wasn’t close enough to hear her, but she very clearly said to her partner “OH MY GOD”. When she looked back at me, I laughed. Then I held up two fingers and mouthed ‘twins’. She gasped and I laughed some more. Now that I am heavily pregnant with twins, I’ve become an object of intrigue. This pregnant with twins thing is absolutely no joke. I’ve carried three single babies, two of them weighing four kilos, but this twin thing is a whole different struggle. If you are, or have ever been pregnant with twins, you’ll sympathise with this list!

You know you’re heavily pregnant with twins when:

  • you are waddling through Big W and children openly point and stare at you. Sometimes adults do it too.
  • you’re constantly asked by strangers when the baby is due. This starts VERY early in the pregnancy.
  • you greet your friend, who you haven’t seen for a few months. She gasps and covers her mouth with her hand at the size of your belly.
  • you rarely leave the house because it’s became all too hard.
  • leaving the house is particularly challenging because you don’t have many clothes that fit.
  • the only shoes that fit are flip flops.
  • putting your undies on has become a form of exercise.
  • you can’t hang a load of washing on the line in one session. Half way through you need to sit down for a rest.
  • there’s a stool in the kitchen to sit on when you cook.
  • you are constantly short of breath, even when resting.
  • you are the heaviest you have ever, ever, been.
  • walking or shuffling even short distances makes you feel like cardiac arrest is imminent.
  • you need to pee every 15 minutes.
  • it hurts your knees to lower yourself onto the toilet because you’re carrying so much extra weight.
  • you wash your hair once a week, at best, because standing in the shower that long is exhausting.
  • you gave up on any form of maintenance to the lady garden a very long time ago.
  • getting comfortable is a constant struggle.
  • sleep is a challenge. The only way you can roll over is by waking up and doing a ten point turn.
  • you wake up multiple times a night to wee.
  • your upper back and shoulders are constantly sore because you have to stretch your arms past your giant belly to do simple things. Like turn the tap on and off to clean your teeth.
  • you have extreme baby brain, which means you do things like put textas in the fridge. Or leave the house forgetting to shut the front door. Come on in burglars!
  • the things you once enjoyed now feel very much like chores.
  • you’d nap every single day if you could.
  • you need a crane to lift you out of the bath.
  • anything that is on the floor is totally and utterly dead to you.
  • you thought you felt like a whale when pregnant with one baby but comparatively that was a walk in the park.
  • you realise every aspect of your life has been upsized. Bigger clothes, bed, car, house, pram.
  • caring for your older children becomes near impossible. They watch more TV than they have ever watched in their lives. But you’re too knackered to change it.
  • other twin mums start to confess that, unlike singletons, twins are ‘easier out than in’.
  • you google things like ‘delivering placentas with twins’. Seriously, I needed to find out the order!
  • both your babies move at the same time you feel like your whole body is wobbling.
  • even though you have a gigantic stomach, you still can’t quite believe there are TWO babies in there.
  • you worry about having enough love for two more little humans, and loving them equally.

The struggle of being heavily pregnant with twins is real! Do some of these things sound similar to being heavily pregnant in general?

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26 thoughts on “You know you’re heavily pregnant with twins when…

  1. Hehe! That all sounds so familiar even with my twins being born 7 1/2 weeks premmie and thus me not being as big as some other ladies with twins!

    All the best with the births!

  2. Hahhahah I was laughing by the undies but then totally shell-shocked by the end. Mate, kudos to anyone who can pull off a multiple pregnancy. I whinged enough when I was just carrying one. LOL!

  3. I think any twin mum is a super mum! It’s sooooooo HARD to carry two bubbas and you are doing a great job. It’s hard when they’re in and its hard when they’re out too but damn they are so much cuter when you can cuddle them. Well done lady, you are doing a great job. xoxo

  4. I already nearly fall on my bum trying to put on my undies and anything on the floor is well and truly dead to me! I can’t imagine having another one in there too. Can’t wait to meet your girls soon {meet them online anyway}.

    1. Thanks Toni, yep having two in there is unimaginable! Apart from all the physical differences, I still can’t get my head around two babies being in my belly.

  5. Each photo I see….I smile and think “how does C do it?” obviously with HUGE commitment and strength to keep these baby girls safe inside and growing. My goodness you are doing soooooo well. OK, I know, you wont believe me but you ARE!!!!!! PS notice: no nagging about hospital bag. Please direct the Mr to pack for you. xx

    1. You always say the most sweet things Denyse! I don’t really trust the Mr to pack for me. Last time I was in labour I asked him to get me a dressing gown to wear to hospital. He got me the gown but couldn’t find the tie. So I wore a pair of undies and a dressing gown without a tie to hospital. What a sight! Thankfully it was at 11pm.

  6. Tick. Tick. Tick. All so true! Microwaved yoghurt at work 🙂
    You definitely have enough love for two little faces. Easier out than in but I do miss those whole body wobbles when they were both getting comfy
    And; baby, baby, placentas 🙂

  7. That belly of yours is beautiful!!! Twins are so much fun. I’m a lucky Aunty to twin boys. They were born premature though, so my sister in law’s belly wasn’t too big. Double the fun, eh! I can’t wait to find out their names. #teamIBOT

  8. Even with one baby the comments were annoying! I constantly got both times, oh my goodness you are so big!! Thank you very much for that reminder, I don’t feel big at all. NOT!!! Those last weeks are so hard. You are doing so well! I have a few friends with twins and it is definitely double the fun and double the love xxx

    1. I’ve now reached a point where people just ask ‘are you having twins’? Clearly I’m too gigantic for one baby!

  9. Oh dear, that’s so full on! Especially the crane out of the bathtub! I thought being pregnant with an average size bubba (singular!) was tough. Poor thing 🙁 Thinking of you and hope you have are both safe and healthy, particularly in this heat! #humpdayhype

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