6 gifts for second time mums – the things they really want!

6 gifts for second time mums

There’s absolutely no doubt that a second (third, fourth, fifth…) pregnancy is totally different from the first. You’re pregnant, but the first child (or the tribe of older children) probably couldn’t care less! Often a second (or fourth) pregnancy isn’t treated with as much excitement. But second time mums still deserve some spoiling! I’ve put together my top 6 gifts for second time mums.

6 gifts for second time mums

1. Pamper her

If your pregnant friend already has a house full of kids, or even one kid, she won’t be getting much time to relax. Give her a gift that pampers her. A voucher for a facial, pedicure or special pregnancy massage will be very appreciated. If look after the older children while she’s being pampered, even better!

2. Alone time

Offer to take the older child or children off her hands for a few hours. Not so she can attend yet another medical appointment but so she can do whatever takes her fancy. Taking those kids away from the house might give her a chance to simply sit and drink a hot cup of tea. Bliss!

3. Feed her and the growing family

There comes a time in most women’s pregnancies when they simply can’t be bothered cooking. Help her out by bringing meals for her freezer. Even better, if there are already kids in the house, ask what the favourite family meals are, and make those! If you don’t want to slave away in your own kitchen, shout her a week or two of a meal delivery service.

4. A new watch

It is true that the first year of your child’s life will whiz by. There’s a saying about the days being long and the years being short. The days certainly are long! A second time mum spends A LOT of time looking at her watch. She’s thinking ‘How long since the baby feed? Is it time for the toddlers nap? Geez, is it 6 o’clock yet, nope, only 11.07am. Crap, it’s 2.30 and I haven’t eaten lunch. Yikes, got to get out the door, how is it school pick up time already?’ You get the drift. Buy her a fancy women’s watch! Something she’ll love glancing down at.

gifts for second time mums

gifts for second time mums

Jord has a stunning range of unique wood watches. They are beautiful and picking one is really tough. There are so many variations to choose from, I love the different coloured faces. I couldn’t resist the Reece watch with it’s gorgeous emerald face.

5. Some bling

I don’t mean real diamonds! Sometimes the huge changes in a pregnant woman’s body make her feel frumpy and rather unattractive. Pretty new accessories, that she can wear both during and after pregnancy, are always welcome. Think a classic pair of earrings or a simple necklace. I love the range from The Peach Box, an Australian based fashion jewellery retailer. They have gorgeous, effortlessly stylish items.

If bling isn’t her thing, think about some chewable jewellery. There’s a great range of necklaces now that are BPA free and made from non-toxic food grade silicone. These types of necklaces are fabulous for when mum is holding a baby who loves to tug and chew! I’m a long time fan of Ruby Olive and the softies range is perfect for soon to be new or second time mums. Mixjar Chewllery also have a great range of teething jewellery that mums love and babies will love to chew.

6. Sincere offers of help

I know I’m almost repeating myself, but if you are going to offer to help, be sincere and specific. It really is lovely when someone says ‘if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know’. Not many women will actually take you up on that offer, it’s a bit too vague.

It’s much better when the offer is specific, like, ‘I’m free on Thursday, let me have the kids over for a play date’. If you’re not fond of kids, ask her for her grocery list and go and do the weekly shop. Or pop around, bring her a coffee, take a basket of washing away with you and bring it back freshly laundered. Offer to arrange a cleaner to make her house sparkle before she comes home from hospital with the new baby. She will be forever grateful for those gestures! The more genuine and specific the offer, the easier it will be for her to say yes.

What are your favourite gifts for second time mums?

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12 thoughts on “6 gifts for second time mums – the things they really want!

  1. Yes! To all of these ideas. It’s been decades since I was a second time round Mum, but I avidly supported my daughter and daughter in law through their first and subsequent pregnancies. My help came in practical ways with taking one or more kids away for a time or even overnight and preparing meals and snacks to dip into the cupboard or freezer. I recall specifically doing a grocery shop for my daughter when she had arrived home from hospital with #2 and her brain was…well, you know. It made me feel good…and helped her! I am also someone who doesn’t like to intrude into the family space much when little ones are brought home so was either in and out quickly or helped practically. There is nothing worse than having too many adults trying to corral kids UNLESS you, the mother, have specifically asked. YOU call the shots. And of course, with a supportive partner. I would also suggest ensuring that there is something comfy for Mum to sit with or against when juggling feeding, and helping toddlers/ preschoolers etc. I could go on…you know I could! Gosh, I hope you have all the support systems and people you need Claire. Love to you Denyse #teamIBOT

  2. These are some great ideas and apply to second, third, fourth…maybe fifth (gosh not anytime soon I hope since I have a 7 month old but 😭) time moms! The offers of alone time and pampering go up on the list with each baby. Though, I find that while I’m pregnant, I’m never really alone even when I’m alone which is a hard adjustment after little one pops out 😊

    1. Thanks Jamie, and I understand what you mean about not really feeling alone when there’s a little one in your tummy!

  3. Yes to all of these! Food is such a help with just having meals ready for the other kids and some sleep. I agree so many mums won’t take you up on the offer so actual offers of help are much better! I love that watch and yes when other children are involved there is always places to be! Love the colour too!

  4. I love my Jord Wooden Watch too – it’s a gorgeous luxury item for any mum! I also agree with the alone time – even though I’m only a mum to one child, hearing my husband say “I’ll take him, you stay in bed”. Pure bliss! x

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