Dearest baby girls – a letter to the twins

dearest baby girls

I’ve got a confession. At 39 weeks pregnant, and no sign of these babies, my patience is starting to wobble. Mostly because the closer I get to 40 weeks the more serious the induction talks become. I was chatting to my doula about natural ways to kick start labour. I got the usual ‘sex, nipple stimulation, visualisation’. Then she said, ‘you could write the babies a letter’. Nothing else has worked, so here’s the letter!


Dearest baby girls,

You’ve both been growing inside my belly for a long time now. Perhaps you’re cosy in there, just the two of you. Maybe you’re not ready for the chaos and noise of life with three big brothers.

We’re all waiting patiently for you to arrive and are very excited to meet you. I wonder what you will look like? Will you have hair? Will you look like each other?

I’m so curious about you both. It’s still impossible for me to really comprehend that there are two little girls inside my tummy. It sure looks like there’s two babies! I love feeling you both move. Yet somehow I don’t think I will get my head around the whole ‘twin‘ thing until you both arrive earth side.

It’s going to be an adventure getting to know each of you. Will you be milk guzzlers? Will you be fond of sleep? It’s ok if you’re not, none of your brothers have been! I wonder about how will you interact with each other and if your brothers will dote on you. One of you has been a wriggly baby and I wonder if it’ll stay that way once you’re born. I wonder if you’ll have similar personalities and share the same interests. Or perhaps you’ll be very different to each other. Of course you’ll be your own unique person. I do hope you’ll always love and care for each other.

I’m excited for your Daddy to become a father of little girls. He’s a soft touch, that Dad of yours. I suspect you’ll both have him wrapped around your little fingers just moments after you are born. You’re brothers are all sweet boys, and despite their noise, have tender and caring natures. The biggest lad has asked if one of you can sleep in his bed with him. The middle lad always refers to you as the ‘twin babies’, he might still be doing that when you’re 10 and he’s 14! The littlest lad knows there’s two babies in my belly, I’m sure once you’re here he’ll seem very grown up!

After having three sons, I admit I am nervous to have daughters. Raising girls seems strangely more daunting than raising boys. I will do my very best to be the mum that you each need. I won’t always get it right, but I promise to always be there for you. You won’t have to face your problems alone.

I’m ready, little girls, for your lives to start in this big, wide world. It’s a busy, bonkers house we have and I can hardly wait for you to be part of it.

I love you, dearest baby girls. I am ready to hold you in my arms.

Love Mummy xx

19 thoughts on “Dearest baby girls – a letter to the twins

  1. I have been thinking of you gorgeous – you are positively glowing with those two beautiful girls but I can completely understand being at the end of your pregnancy and your patience. I felt it with singletons at 37 weeks! Sending you loads of love and good vibes and hope this weekend is the one!

    1. Thanks Robyna, I sure was getting hot and heavy carrying my precious girls in my belly. Thankfully they arrived following a spontaneous labour at 40+1 weeks.

    1. Thanks Shari, I’ll try to keep the baby spam to a minimum, but it wont be easy! Not everyone is as obsessed with babies as you and I xx

  2. Aww what a beautiful letter! It will be so nice for them to read when they are older! You’re doing a great job, hope your daughters don’t keep you waiting too long.

  3. That’s beautiful and congratulations on making it to 39 weeks. I had my twin girls at 39 weeks and I know that this is the point where you really just want the babies to show up 🙂

    1. Thank you, we made it to 40+1! I was content to wait, it was actually just the threat of an induction that was making wish they’d hurry up and arrive.

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