We finished our playroom with the help of Gumtree!

finished our playroom with the help of Gumtree

‘We finished our playroom with the help of Gumtree’ is in collaboration with Gumtree

Do you ever buy things from Gumtree? Mr Wallace has an addiction to Gumtree. I’ll admit I was dubious about buying second hand things, but he’s converted me. People sell amazing stuff on Gumtree, for a fraction of the price you’d buy it new. Second hand doesn’t mean second best!

What is Gumtree?

Gumtree is a vibrant community marketplace connecting buyers and sellers in the local area to buy, sell and find almost everything. We’ve sold prams, bought our dining table and chairs, and even hired a nanny with the help of Gumtree. We’re not alone in our love of Gumtree, 7 million Australians visit Gumtree each month!

We finished our playroom with the help of Gumtree

The friendly team at Gumtree kindly offered me money to spend on the Gumtree site. The boy’s playroom had been a disaster zone. The offer from Gumtree gave both the motivation and funds to finish it off.

I didn’t have a specific ‘theme’ in mind for the playroom. Given all the boy’s lego and toys, a ‘scandi’ inspired playroom was totally unrealistic! My rough idea was to keep the colours limited to white, grey and black. Keeping that in mind helped when searching Gumtree. Gumtree is a huge market place, with about 2.5 million listings!

The playroom desperately needed storage. I’d been looking at Ikea storage systems but the one we wanted wasn’t in stock. After some searching on Gumtree, I found the exact shelving we wanted! It was half the price and included a large number of the storage boxes. That set us back only $140. It was advertised for $150 but when Mr Wallace meet the seller he was able to score a better price! This shelving now has the boys cars, puzzles, blocks and train tracks, all the usual kid stuff.

The other ‘big ticket’ item the playroom needed was a place for the boys to craft. We had to be patient to find the right table. When this one popped onto Gumtree I quickly contacted the seller. The table was perfect for our space. It was also a great price at $140 and barely used.

I’d wanted to create a quite space in the playroom by using a teepee. The hunt for a teepee was tricky. I did see one for $70 but that seemed a little pricey. Eventually one come onto Gumtree for $30. It didn’t have a floor, but I figured a rug and some cushions would make it a cosy spot.

The playroom is, for now, a space for the boys to play. Eventually the girls will need to make their mark on the room. I stumbled across an Ikea rocking moose and thought it’d be great for the littlest lad and soon the girls. The moose began it’s life as a red moose. The seller sanded it and painted it white. That made the moose perfect for our playroom. Our moose was $50.

The last thing we needed for the playroom was something for the walls. Mr Wallace searched for ‘art’ and found a brand new print. It was still in the bubble wrap! Initially I wasn’t sure about the arrows. Then I remembered I had some black and white prints that’d match. The print was $40, half the original price (it still had the tag on).

That’s how we finished our playroom with the help of Gumtree. The boys love the new playroom. There’s zones for craft, lego, duplo, reading, cooking and playing. The different zones give it a sense of order and make it easier to keep tidy. Gumtree helped us create a great play space on a budget.

Do you use Gumtree? I think now the playroom is finished I might sell some toys, discreetly, on Gumtree!

21 thoughts on “We finished our playroom with the help of Gumtree!

  1. What a lovely room you have created. The Teepee is awesome, I’d like an adult size one for myself. Gumtree has been a really important work tool for our company.

  2. It all looks adorable! We’ve done plenty of buying and selling on Gumtree. There are many bargains to be had.

  3. Gorgeous!!! I just love that photo with them in the teepee and they’re reading my all time favourite children’s book too. Love love love Twinkle. You’ve done so well with this. I might get you in to decorate ours 🙂 #teamIBOT

  4. I love this! Great post! Here we are huge Gumtree fans, I find so many bargains for the kids and decorating my home, and have also had success selling baby items there! Gumtree is awesome!

  5. What a gorgeous room you have created! I’m totally swooning over that table! We’ve sold heaps of stuff on Gumtree but weirdly we’ve never bought anything. That might change now I’ve seen all the bargains you’ve scored!

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